Flat Weave Rugs: Area Rug For Every Home!

A rug and carpet which is typically used as a floor covering textile consist of an upper layer of pile attached to backing. In past, these piles were made from wool, but, from the beginning of 20th century, artificial or synthetic fibers like polypropylene, nylon or polyester are widely used, as all these fibers are less expensive than wool.

These piles generally contain twisted tufts which are treated under heat to maintain their structure. The term “carpet” is often used as synonym of term “rug”, although the carpet is used on floors that cover the entire area of the house, whereas a rug is generally smaller than carpet in length and is used for limited space.

Carpets can be used in many ways, for example, it behaves like an insulator for person’s feet from a cold tile or floor, makes the area more comfortable as people can seat on the floor especially for children who can play comfortably on floor, it also reduces the sound of walking and adds an elegant color to the surroundings. By using different dyed fibers, carpets can be made in any color combinations.

These days most of the productions of the rugs are done through machines. But still there is some proportion of rug productions which are still done through hand made. Hand made production of rugs are done in many ways, like woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted, flat weave, hooked rug and many more.

Today we are going to highlight some important features of flat weave rug. A flat weave rug is made by interlocking vertical threads which are also known as warp and horizontal threads which are also known as weft. Generally the warps are made from a sturdy fiber like linen, raw silk, cotton or wool, whereas the wefts are the fibers which form the pattern and can be made from any type of fiber. Flat Weave Rugs also have its types which include kilim, plain weave, soumak and tapestry weave. Flat weave rugs are generally less expensive as compare to hand knotted rugs of the same size. The color and pattern on both the sides of the rug are same, making the rug either side usable. They have less weight than other carpets of same size, making it comfortable for a single person to move from on place to other place. Moreover, they fold up to a small size for easy storage when not in use.

By their very nature, flatweave rugs evoke an earthy and rustic ambience in the home. Creating a sensory experience and promoting open space, flatweave rugs marry perfectly with both traditional and modern themes.

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Gabbeh Rugs: The Ultimate Home Decor!

Gabbeh area rugs are the variety of traditional Persian rug. A gabbeh is a coarse quality hand woven pile rug and they are generally of medium size carpet. They have an abstract design with natural colors and geometry. They are very popular among the people of Zagros mountains of Iran, including Kurdish, Luri and Qashqai. Traditionally the gabbeh rugs were crafted by women.

In comparison to Persian carpets, gabbeh carpets are thicker and coarser. In fact, they look like a variety of kilims than carpets. The word “gabbeh” originates from Persia, meaning raw, natural and uncut. This is also known as rough and primitive carpet. The patterns used in gabbeh are usually very basic one, mostly rectangular objects resembling mainly animals. If we talk about colors, generally bright colors are used like yellow and red. The color used for gabbeh is created from natural plant dye. It involves very ease production as it requires very less precise pattern and less number of knots per square centimeter, due to this unique future a gabbeh is one of the less expensive varieties of Persian carpet.

Due to its natural beauty and less expensiveness, gabbeh rugs are very popular among the people of United States. There are many rug retailers in US who manufactures gabbeh rugs in USA rug market, variety of gabbeh rugs available from synthetic to natural one.

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Give Your Room A Focal Point with Modern Rugs!

Modern Area Rugs-Covering your floor using area rugs seems to be a normal routine at many places of to avoid slipping on the floor and stay away from cold. If you are also using the rugs only for this purpose you must read that article. Decorating every room by using modern rugs is an elegant way to show up a unified focal point in the whole home and also give your home a modern look.
You can find a rectangle, a square, or around an area rug to match the look of your room at online marketplaces like Our Abc Decorative Rugs. To create a focal point modern rug, your main furniture items should be arranged in such a way that these items take the shape of your rug. For example, arrange your sofa furniture as a large circle and then you can place your coffee table at the centre of the modern rug. A bright look modern rug full of rich designs could be the focal point of your bathroom giving it a neat and a tidy look.

Why Choose Modern Rugs

To live parallel to the society the transformation in lifestyle must be important and we already know that we are living in a modern society. We are not telling that our old style was not good but there are many points those tells us to accept modern lifestyle and modernize our home using modern things like modern rugs.

Only a modern rug which is full of modern design can modernize your room and can be a focal point of your room. Some creative designed modern rugs will help in motivating you in raising your creativity. The modern rugs give the young and energetic feel. Also shows your status among your friends because it will show how much you are broad-minded
Modern Rugs Shopping

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Runner Rugs Become Popular!

Rugs, an easily available and cost-effective product, which can make your home, look luxurious. Traditionally they are made from wool but these days there are many manufacturers in the market which are using artificial wools for making rugs.

These days there are variety of rugs available in the market which can be used at any type of floor or wall of the home or office whether it is indoor area or outdoor area.

Area rugs are usually used in bedroom, but most of the area of rug is hidden under the bed, which is useless. Instead of the area rug we can use runner rug at both side of the bed.

A runner rug is a rectangular shape rug whose length is usually longer than the other rugs. Traditional runner rugs are generally long and narrow but now days we can find them in some other unusual shapes. Whatever is the shape, the length of the runner rugs is generally more than their breadth.

Runner rugs can be used in many ways. These can be placed on narrow hallways, bedrooms, staircases, and the entrance of the home, the kitchen and in the bathroom in front of the sink.

Not only they give us look good and enhance the beauty of our home, but they also serve as element of protection to us especially if we have hardwood flooring or any other kind of flooring which are more prone to getting damaged. They make us walk comfortable on hard flooring and provide us better friction which reduces the chances of slipping.

As these rugs are narrow in shape, as compare to larger area rugs these are more suitable for smaller areas. This was one of the main reasons why runner rugs become so popular.

Generally, most of the houses end up with several small empty spaces between furniture. Placing a runner rugs over these areas not only create an attractive focal point but also draws attention away from the fact that the room has a less than generous size.

Runner rugs provide us plenty of functionality as well as style when they are placed on staircase. Staircase are generally made from hardwood which look classy but if we walk on them bare feet we might get slip on them and get injured ourselves. A using runner rug on staircase not only adds beauty but also reduces the chances of slipping.

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Overdyed Rugs – Enhance the indoor beauty of your living area!

A carpet is a type of textile which is use as a floor coving. In early days these were made from wool, but in recent years many rug and carpet manufactures started using synthetic materials like polypropylene, nylon or polyester.

These are now not only used as a floor covering but also used as a decorative element for home and offices. These can be in living room, kitchen, side of the bed, kitchen and many more places. Rugs can be categorized under different number of collections. Each collection has its own beauty, history and belongs to different regions of the world. Some of the popular collections are overdyed, Moroccan, kilims, floral, traditional, transitional, shag, contemporary, southwestern, Persian, Tibetan rugs, tufted rugs, round rugs, silk, natural fiber rugs, runner rugs, kids, tribal rugs, ikat rugs, kazak, gabbeh rugs, trellis rug and many more. Out of all these type of collections, today we are going to highlight some special aspects of Overdyed rugs.

Overlaying is an ancient technique; traditionally this technique was performed on old or vintage handwoven carpets. Carpets or rugs which are in use for over long time of period often get faded or lost their natural fresh look. Due to the use of this technique, we can give back or regenerate that original fresh look. After overdyeing, the pattern or design of the old ones gets enhanced for one more time and we can reuse them as they were used earlier.

Using overdyeing technique, we can customize the color of our favorite rug or carpet according to our requirements. Even we can use this technique to give modern look to our old traditional rugs.

It involves the process of bleaching, dying and washing. All these processes must be performed with great care and instructions. Over perform of any of these processes can ruin your rug.

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Home Decoration – Designer Rugs & Carpets!

We all are aware about the Black Friday for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Black Friday is a shopping day for a combination of reasons. As the first day after the last major holiday before Christmas, it marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season. And we also know that, during this season along with the excitement the burden of shopping is also increasing. Because, during the Christmas we all are decorate our home beautifully, we plan to buy lot’s of new stuff like curtains, antiques, lights, furniture, rugs and carpets, home accessories from the market but due to lack of time most of the people’s plans goes failed. So, if want to win in the competition of shopping home renovating stuffs, we bring you a best online home store.

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Contemporary Carpets

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Rich Runners

We always think about not only your living room but also your complete home. So, we provide the best selection of Persian rugs and carpets that cover your whole home decor requirement. We have an exclusive collection of Persian Runners to decorate your most traffic areas in your home like stairs, kitchen, beside the bed, etc. Our carpets not only designed to decorate your home but they also have the entire feature those must have in a perfect floor covering carpets. So, you also can brighten your stairs and other areas of your home with our designer Persian runners.

Round Rugs

Give your home a rich royal traditional look with our round Persian rugs by decorating your home courtyard, because courtyard is the main attraction of any home. To decorate the courtyard of your home we have an exclusive collection of best quality Persian Round rugs to enrich your home courtyard with shiny bright Round Rugs. We also designed many large size round carpets those are durability to place your antique furniture on it and you can buy all these stuff directly from us.

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TRADITIONAL RUGS: Decorating Your Home Perfectly!

No longer the rugs are considered as an accessory to interior decor. Today they are considered as a necessary part of home to enhance the inner beauty of house. A rug not only adds excitement, color but also adds a sense of warmth to a room. Even room without interior design can also be made exciting by the presence of a good quality traditional rugs.

Beyond everything, enhancing the inner beauty of a room with the presence of a rug is theoretically the easiest way but it is very important that you choose the right kind of rug. In this article we are going to discuss the characteristics of rugs from the Eastern part of the world and how we can use them as an interior decorating item.

Bring in the royal feeling with a traditional Persian carpet. It is now no more secret that Persian carpets are known for their fine embroidery and elaborate pictorial motifs. A large amount of labors is involved in the creation of a quality Persian rug, resulting in a high level of artistic quality and without any doubt, more tufts of yarn per square inch than any other traditional rugs available in the market.

The knitting techniques used to create these memorizing beauties force us to go back thousands of years, that is why if we are looking to maximize the effect which a Persian carpet brings to a room, we must ensure that it is hand woven. There are many rugs in the market which are machine made and using artificial dyes but they can’t give us the same feel which an authentic handmade piece has.

If we go through in details, for creating a typical Persian rug it requires half a dozen artisans, working 6 to 8 hours a day for whole week will hand tying 500 knots per square inch. In other words, these carpets take more than a month and sometimes even more than a year to complete a single rug or carpet, that is why they demand a handsome price in market and last for such a long time.

The wool which is most commonly use in making Persian carpets contains lanolin (or wool fat). Its natural waterproofing and preserving qualities makes a Persian rug much more durable. No machine-made rug can match with that.

These rugs are made in such a manner that it can be used on variety of floor types, but it is said that they really pop up when used on hardwood floors. Persian rugs come with a variety of sizes and can be used in any corner of the house. We can apply them in living room in front of fireplace or in the kitchen or under a dining table or outside in the lobby.

Smaller rugs are used at the side of our bed. It will be a great felling when we wake up in the morning and put our feet on these soft, beautiful carpets which are not less than a work of art.

An alternative other than Persian rugs would be Oriental traditional rugs

When interior designers used the word Oriental rugs they doesn’t mean by using the word in its common form as by Oriental rugs, but it could be referred to anything from Azerbaijani, Indo Islamic, Mughal, Northern Chinese, Tibetan or even Ottoman style of carpet weaving.

Generally, people get confuse between Persian rugs and Oriental rugs as they are same thing, but in reality, it is quite close enough but not hundred percent true. However both Persian rugs and Oriental rugs come from same regions that are belong to ancient Persian Empire.

It’s is just due to its massive popularity and demand; Persian rugs has been categorized as a completely different style altogether. We can say that all Persian rugs might be Oriental but not the vice versa.

If you are not getting any Persian carpets but still want a cozy, ancient feel than you can go for Oriental rugs whish might be the best option. Whether they come from same region, they still have their own distinct characteristics and look.

Other styles of Oriental rugs make the use of natural beauty of wool strands by not dying them at all. Instead they rely on the natural colour of the fabric and for this purpose they use long strands of wool.

To an untrained eye Oriental rugs and Persian rugs might look at once the same, but however there are some differences in the way they use the fabric, the motifs and the countless minor details. Azerbaijani carpets for instance often have frills at the shorter ends.

Irrespective of whether you choose Persian rug or oriental rug, you can always rely on Oriental rugs (including Persian carpets) for the great a sense of style as well as a vibe of cosiness to a room. So, if you are thinking to give ancient or classical touch to your living room or bed room or any corner of the house, you can’t go wrong while choosing the rugs

Which classic rug should I buy?

Whether Oriental or Persian, whichever traditional rug you buy, you will have durable quality and it will be made with detail attention if you buy authentic ones. In such a case, the choice of buying a rug entirely depends on your personal taste.

To start with, you must go through the colour scheme of the room in which you want to use the carpet. You probably have some furniture there, so it is important to make sure that the carpet that you want to buy, goes though the overall scheme of things.

If the wallpaper in a room is of heavy design, then you must make sure that the carpet you buy is visually suitable. If a room comprising of plain solid coloured walls than, you can choose from number of the countless designs that are available today.

If you want to buy a rug to use it as a focal point of the room, then you go for an elaborate motif. If bold geometric designs are your thing then look for the Qashqai traditional rugs from Iran.

All of this might seem confusing at first, especially if you are completely new in the world of rugs but it is important to remember that there are no benchmark or mathematical rules when it comes to buying a rug. It is entirely a matter of finding a traditional rug that attracts you, which fits the overall interior decor scheme of the space where you want to put it in and most importantly, one that fits to your wallet.