Traditional Rugs : Decorating Your Home Beautifully!

No longer are rugs considered merely an accessory to interior decor. Today they are considered a necessary part of creating a gorgeous living space and rightly so. A rug adds excitement, color and a sense to warmth to a room. Even the drowsiest of rooms can be made exciting by the presence of a good quality traditional rugs. After all, embellishing the beauty of a room with the presence of a rug is perhaps the easiest trick in the book but it is very crucial that you choose the right kind. Here’s we will discussing about traditional rugs and how you can use them while interior decorating.

Ziegler Beige Wool Rug

If you are traditional and living in a modern society then you will love Ziegler Beige Wool Rug. This traditional rug is beautifully decorated with golden and brown flowers on the white wool background. In this beige wool rug, you can see an artistic blend of colourful pictures. To make it more attractive and beautiful, our experienced rug designers decorate it with abstract floral art. This rug is highly durable because of its deep weaving. The speciality of this rug is its soft pile texture. This can be a better rug for your kitchen, bed room, living room, etc.


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Outdoor Rugs – Perfect Choice To Decorate Outdoor Area!

Everyone wants to decorate their beautiful home perfectly. As the design trends keep moving toward the idea of creating outdoor spaces that feel just as comfy as your indoor spaces, it’s important to make sure that you have all the elements right. One of the most important pieces of decor I rely on to help make an outdoor space feel cozy is an outdoor area rug. We all buy things online like rugs, carpets, mirrors and many more. We mostly focus on our home interior but what about our Outdoor area. We always forget about our exterior part of our home after knowing that the people attraction on home first depends on our decoration for home because it decides our interior attraction of home. Many people’s investing money on buying rugs, carpets, furniture and other home decor accessories  to decor beautiful home. But most of the people always forget to check its best place for placement or is it good to place in outdoor.

How to Choose Outdoor Rugs

We all want to decorate our home beautifully. If you are planning to buy an area rug to give your home an appealing look, must focus on the features of it as mentioned below:

The outdoor rugs must be mold and mildew resistant so choose a polypropylene fiber means olefin rug.

The size of the carpet should be chosen smartly. Sometimes some manually shaped area rugs are becoming necessary in some places.

To give a stunning look to your home outdoor choose bright color area rugs like bright red, orange, yellow and blue.

Look at its manufacturing. The durability of the outdoor area rug must be high. The good quality color dye must be used.

Traditional Outdoor Rug

If you are searching an oriental rug that looks like traditional but for outdoor then we also have the best collection of it. These area rugs are printed in traditional or in ancient style. This area rug is made in contemporary style by hand hooked weaving technique. The origin of this outdoor area rug is China. To make it most few we used polypropylene. So if you are planning to buy outdoor rugs online in USA then visit most trusted online rug store ABC Decorative Rugs, there you can find the wide selection of all type of area rugs at discounted offer price with exciting offers.

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Moroccan Rugs & Carpets – Decorate Your Home Beautifully!

Morocco is well known for beautiful and original hand woven wool rugs, made mostly by Berber tribes, with the weaving reflecting their creative independence and age-old traditions and beliefs. Moroccan rugs and carpets are famous with their intuitive design, beautiful use of color, and intriguing motifs and symbols in the entire world. The Moroccan Rugs are may be very thick like a blanket which can insulate you from cold freezing wind or it can be very thin like your bed sheet. Of course we love Moroccan rugs and carpets.

Origin of Moroccan Rugs

The word Moroccan originated from Morocco. The Morocco is known as the Kingdom of Morocco. It is sovereign country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The tradition of area rug making in Moroccan very old in the world. According to the rug makers in Morocco, the quality or a rug depends on the quality of wool and the quality of wool depends on the breed of sheep and they follow this rule and it is a reason of popularity of Moroccan Rug. If we consider on the design of the Moroccan rugs, it seems like roots on a large solid background.

Manufacturing of Moroccan Rugs & Carpets

First of all good quality wool needed to make it and this wool extracted out from good breed sheep.
This wool now washed and applied a shining agent, dyes to make it shiny and give color. After that, the washed wool left for dry. Then, wool sent for making threads. After that, the rug weaving process initiated.
For making Moroccan Rugs two weaving technique used flat weave and hand knotted, there after rugs will be sent for the finishing process where loose or unusual threads are extracted out.

Care Of Moroccan Rugs

The care of Moroccan rugs not so tough task. These rugs made with tight weaving technique that’s why these care of these rugs is easy. But some points must be considered for taking care of it such as:
Keep away from flame, Regular cleaning of Moroccan area rug is necessary. So, keep vacuuming it daily. Keep away from stains, if anything spilled on it, immediately wash it. While washing it, don’t rinse too much so its thread damage.
Don’t try to pick the Moroccan Carpet from the loose portion.

Buy Moroccan Rugs Online

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Transitional Rugs – Classic Way To Decorate Your Home!

Area rugs have a beauty and charm of their own no matter what the design and style selected. However, which type of area rug you choose to opt for depends largely on your decor needs, the room it has to be placed in, and the overall aesthetic you have in mind. Transitional rugs make for beautiful additions to any home. Transitional area rugs are the result of the fusion of Traditional and Modern Area Rugs. These area rugs made by using transitional style that means classic with a contemporary twist. This fusion on area rugs gives these area rugs a special appearance. If you love traditional art and living in a modern society that’s why want to decorate your home by giving a modern look with traditional touch then you must try Transitional area rug. So, here we will discuss all the beautiful features, manufacturing, and shopping.

Transitional Area Rugs Features

If the tried decorate your home by installing an oriental area rug like Traditional, Persian, Tribal, etc or the modern rug like contemporary area rugs then you will also like a fusion of both area rugs. Along with this feature, we mentioning more below:

They mostly made by using hand knotted technique. It will give your home modern traditional look.

These area rugs may be made with materials like silk, wool, etc. The transitional area rugs mostly available in a rectangular shape. On these area rugs the more contrast colours used for contrasting traditional designs. The pile width of this area rug may be up to 10mm. For decorating this area rugs most famous old classic designs like Oriental, Traditional, Persian, Gabbeh, Tribal, Floral, etc.


The manufacturing of Transitional Area Rugs similar like all hand knotted area rugs. For making these carpets good quality material is used such as wool, silk, etc. While making these carpets, the rugs makers always keep the background of the area rugs light so they can contrast art with high contrasting colors. For modern look border, the rug artesian make it border less. Below, you can see perfect examples of Transitional Rugs.

Transitional Rug Care

The care of these area rugs is similar like other rugs. You can take care your transitional rugs by following some tips such as:

Keep cleaning your transitional area rug regularly by vacuuming or other technique. Don’t sense or smudge your Transitional carpet too much, it can damage your carpet. Don’t try to pull rugs with loose ends of it. Keep away your rug with moisture for this you can use the rug pad.

If any thread from any part comes out from the carpet then immediately cut from there, because it can damage the designs or pattern.


I highly recommend transitional rugs, simply because they are timeless, and work with many types of styles. There are many online rug stores in USA to buy transitional rugs online such as,,, Visit these most trusted rug stores to find wide selection of transitional rugs at affordable prices with exciting offers.

Evergreen elegant diamond earrings!

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Sterling silver jewelry to enhance glamorous look in your personality!

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