What’s your opinion on Sanjay Dutt’s imprisonment?

Sanjay.jpgBollywood star Sanjay Dutt, found guilty in the Mumbai 1993 case, has been sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years. This decision has shocked all in Bollywood and even in the world of small screen too. Everyone has different opinions on Sanjay’s imprisonment. For some the decision is not a fair one while few around feel that finally justice has been done. What is your take on the whole thing? Do you favor court’s decision against Sanjay Dutt? Read More…


3 thoughts on “What’s your opinion on Sanjay Dutt’s imprisonment?

  1. rajesh108 says:

    I am quite infuriated by the arguments being advanced in favour of pardoning Dutt, and actually am quite afraid that due to the weight of voices like pseudo-politician “Justice” Katju and now Digvijay Singh, that the governor of Maharashtra (essentially an appointee) will be strongly pressured. I have started a petition for like minded persons who feel that justice should be meted out equally to all. Please check it out (and if is agreeable to you support it in whatever way you can): http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/sanjay-dutt-must-serve-his-prison-sentence-like-anyone.html

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