Stylish jewellery for this season…!

Fashion and jewellery go hand-in-hand. These two are the most important aspects that alter women’s personality and boost her confidence to a whole new level. Be it Bollywood or Hollywood female star, in the whole 2015, actress and celebrities were seen downsizing for respective events and parties with trendy yet fashionable jewelries like chunky chains, bib necklaces, statement stud earrings, reptile bracelets, scripted love rings, ring-bracelet chain, among more. Thanks to the celebrities like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Jennifer Lopez and more who made the most eye-catching jewelry trend in the year that is still at the top of the choices, especially among the young belles. Read More Here…


Today’s Dhamaka Deal…!

India’s popular online jewellery shopping store have offering huge discount on Marcasite .925 Sterling Silver Earrings.

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Wedding Bands…!

The reason why wedding ring goes on the left finger is because it is the only finger with a vein that connects to the heart. This proves that the wedding ring is surely considered quite significant for the union of two souls. But what comes to everyone’s notice is that the couple invests too much in the engagement and wedding rings that they kind of forget that they also have to spend on other bridal jewellery as well. When a couple goes for ring shopping they ignore the fact that in the coming days they would also need to buy other jewellery, and they end up splurging big amount on the ring, which would be able to impress their fiancees. Click More Here…

Surprise your friends this New Year gift!

New Year is almost here and this is the time to shower your loved ones with gifts, and bring the gleaming smile on their faces. And while you can happily spend money on your family and close friends but it turns quite harsh on pocket during festive season as one is required to surprise their extended families as well. And if you have long list of friends, then it is practically impossible to present everyone with expensive gifts. Click More Here…

Inspiration Jewellery…!

You may have also noticed the trend of fancy gemstones jewellery that has been rapidly increasing in fashion industry. The stones are lustrous, captivating and best substitute to expensive and precious stone jewellery. A brand that is famed with its fancy gemstone and silver accessories is Inspirations. It is acclaimed for stylish accessories and offers diverse, fashionable, classical, and retro style jewelry to satisfy all segments of the market. It features something for everyone at affordable prices. Read More Here…

Most Popular diamonds!

A lady can never be worried of not finding true love in life, as she knows it lies in diamonds. No man can give her the kind of happiness she feels upon looking at the sparklers. But are you really sure that you know all about diamonds? Do you know that there are diamond stones in colors other than white, and that they are rare? From pink, fancy yellow, blue to red, there is variety of colors which are available out there. Do you know that there are popular diamonds which have been in the history and they have always intrigued people with their brilliant sheen and rare presence? Read More Here…