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In today’s world fashion-conscious world, won’t it be great if you could remain up-to-date with trends as well as welcome good luck and good fortune at the same time. That’s when birthstone jewellery enters into the picture. Through birthstone jewellery, the wearers get to reflect their personality, with a variety of fresh gemstones. If you are still unbeknownst to the fact what birthstone jewellery actually is, then we would like to inform you that it represents the month of birth, of a person. Like talking about gemstone Amethyst, it is the birthstone of those who were born in the month of February. Every birthstone has a significant value attached to them, and the gemstones have been present in different cultures and generations since quite a long time. Click More Here…

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Fashion is not a women centric word. Thanks to the metrosexual trend and mythological styles, jewelleries and accessories are pretty much into the men’s wardrobe. Johareez is one startup that has vowed to take up men’s fashion and accessories more seriously. Let’s explore Johareez.com in this month’s startup story. Click More Here…

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Jewellery is more than an investment!

Jewellery has been very well part of the haute couture abroad and people over there love to accessorize their outfits to look stylish and make their attire work. However, the case was not the same in India, as here people looked at jewelry, more as investment point of view. Normally, when woman over here go for jewellery shopping, it is investment on their minds, and not how these jewels would enhance their look. But now, to an extent the scenario is changing and the West influence can be seen here as well. Globally, the jewellery is important part of fashion, and now the same can be seen in India as well. In fact, the crowd is actually eager to look at jewellery more as a way to glam up their persona, which was really missing earlier on. Click More Here…