Moroccan Rugs & Carpets – Decorate Your Home Beautifully!

Morocco is well known for beautiful and original hand woven wool rugs, made mostly by Berber tribes, with the weaving reflecting their creative independence and age-old traditions and beliefs. Moroccan rugs and carpets are famous with their intuitive design, beautiful use of color, and intriguing motifs and symbols in the entire world. The Moroccan Rugs are may be very thick like a blanket which can insulate you from cold freezing wind or it can be very thin like your bed sheet. Of course we love Moroccan rugs and carpets.

Origin of Moroccan Rugs

The word Moroccan originated from Morocco. The Morocco is known as the Kingdom of Morocco. It is sovereign country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The tradition of area rug making in Moroccan very old in the world. According to the rug makers in Morocco, the quality or a rug depends on the quality of wool and the quality of wool depends on the breed of sheep and they follow this rule and it is a reason of popularity of Moroccan Rug. If we consider on the design of the Moroccan rugs, it seems like roots on a large solid background.

Manufacturing of Moroccan Rugs & Carpets

First of all good quality wool needed to make it and this wool extracted out from good breed sheep.
This wool now washed and applied a shining agent, dyes to make it shiny and give color. After that, the washed wool left for dry. Then, wool sent for making threads. After that, the rug weaving process initiated.
For making Moroccan Rugs two weaving technique used flat weave and hand knotted, there after rugs will be sent for the finishing process where loose or unusual threads are extracted out.

Care Of Moroccan Rugs

The care of Moroccan rugs not so tough task. These rugs made with tight weaving technique that’s why these care of these rugs is easy. But some points must be considered for taking care of it such as:
Keep away from flame, Regular cleaning of Moroccan area rug is necessary. So, keep vacuuming it daily. Keep away from stains, if anything spilled on it, immediately wash it. While washing it, don’t rinse too much so its thread damage.
Don’t try to pick the Moroccan Carpet from the loose portion.

Buy Moroccan Rugs Online

Are you planning to buy Moroccan Rug online? There are many online rug stores in United States, ABC Decorative Rugs is one of the most trusted rug and carpet store, because this online store understands the importance of originality and quality among the peoples, that’s why their Moroccan rugs and carpets are designed with original pattern, color and weaving style.


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