Home Decor Ideas For Instant Result!

In that fast life, the decoration of our home is really a big challenge. For home decor, we install many things some are much expensive but if you failed then it means you wasted our money and time as well. Either we purchased from a best online shopping portal or from the supermarket. Sometimes, lack of time is also a reason behind. After many time failure, we always do the same things again and again or search online for bets Home Decorating Ideas. So, if you also searching for the same thing So, we came here to help you with quick easy home renovating tips. These tips will not only for help in decoration also will save your time.

Some Effective Home Decorating Ideas

Most of the peoples those think that home decoration can be possible by installing many expensive things but this idea work sometimes but it takes much time. To solve your quarries we are giving tips those can help you to easily transform your home into an attractive look.

First of all, Selection of any decorative article should be perfect. When you installing any decorative things then first look at its color, is it matching your living room interior.

Try to install less number of decorative items

If you are planning to purchase any home decor thing then don’t buy too expensive things if you are not sure that it can help you to decor your home.

Choose your best attractive decorative article and place it at a most visible part of your home front facing.

And the best Home Decor Idea is to try to choose large decorative things those are large in size for quick attractive home decor. So, we are recording some to attractive area rugs because these are really attractive, durable and requires less maintenance. A rug is the only thing which can be easily installed and covers most of the area of a room, along with it, its attractive designs and pattern can easily brighten your home. So, Here we are recommending some attractive and designer rugs that can give your home indoor-outdoor an attractive look.

Adorable Flatweaves For Instant Decor

The Flatweave is the most affordable thing because of low cost. It is also a common thing which is mostly available in every home. Flatweave is also known for its weaving that is “flatweave” at some places but the reason behind its popularity is its many beautiful advantages. Because of its beautiful advantages, we also designed some attractive Kilims in many looks, like modern, tribal, traditional, trellis, etc. Actually, we totally transform the look, pattern of Flatweave rugs to make it more attractive. So, if you want an Idea that can transform your home into a low budget then Flatweave Kilims can be the best choice.

Decor Your Home With Flowers

Flowers are the symbol of Happiness. If anyone gave flowers to their loved one, the happiness in the eye can be seen easily. The flowers on earth is a really a beautiful gift of God on earth. Because it is the things that bring always brings the smile on every face and reduces the sorrow. So, we also bring you beautiful collection of floral Persian rugs collection to fill your home with flower and we are sure that these beautiful floral Persian area rugs always keep yours on your face. Our floral Persian carpets are full of floral patterns and rich in quality because for making these we used high-quality materials and best knotting style for high durability.

Designer Shag Rugs For Rich Feel

The meaning of Home Decoration is not only installing the things those are attractive in appearance if these are creating un-comfort in your home that means these are useless. So, here we came with a unique home decor idea that will make you feel comfortable along with beautifying your home. The shag rugs are a very cool thing, designed and crafted beautifully to make your floorings rich in look and well in comfort. If you are searching for best modern area rugs online in the USA which is rich in texture then Shag area rugs can be the best choice.

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Runner Rugs – Decor Your High Traffic Living Space Beautifully!

And no, I’m not talking about Usain Bolt (but you shouldn’t underestimate him, either). What I’m talking about are runner rugs that you can place in your hallways or on your stairs. Carpet and stair runners are great design accessories that can instantly give any room atmosphere. Their various patterns and colors can complement surrounding furniture and paintings and really help set the “mood” of the room. Not only that, they have a variety of practical benefits that can ensure the well-being of any home. If you are interested in runners but don’t know exactly what they are or what they are used for, this is definitely the place for you!

Purpose of a Runner

So you may be asking: what’s the purpose of a runner? Sure, your hallways or your stairs will be alright without one—but that’s just the point.

You don’t want just “alright” rooms… do you?

If you are anything like I am, then I’m sure you want to take every room to the next level. That includes your hallways and stairs.

And why not?

There’s no reason not to go all the way.

Runner Sizes

As one might expect, a runner rug can vary in length and size. This is because hallways and staircases are not always the same length. You don’t need to worry about buying a runner if your hallway or staircase is shorter (or conversely, if it is longer) than average. There are plenty of places you can find that will sell you customized runners for your house.

On the long end, runners can run up to (pun intended) about twenty-five feet—but of course, that does not need to be the limit.

I know what you’re probably thinking: twenty-five feet?! And, yes! Long runners have been in style for as long as I can remember—and I predict they will remain in style for a long, long time.

The advantage of long runner rugs is that they help your hallway to look even longer. This means you can add dramatic effect and really cast a great atmosphere over your hallway. This is especially true if you line your hallway walls with a variety of photographs or paintings.

The same can be said about your staircase. You can make your staircase look regal with simple runners. You can even make it look as if you are walking the red carpet!

How cool is that?

Runner Designs

Because every house is different, there are too many styles of area rug runners to count. Whiles some runners rely on simple colors, others, especially those from other cultures, make use of more cultural designs.

You can see this in the runners of the Middle East. If you’ve ever heard of Gabbeh rugs, then you know that the Middle East as a long and complex history of producing high-quality Afghan carpets.

The same is true for runners.

There are really great runner rugs of varying designs to come out of countries such as Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. These runners have rectangular designs that contain either monochrome or various colors.

You can use these colors to your advantage.

For example, if your hallways are white or beige, it might be a good idea to purchase a runner that matches the monochrome nature of your hallways. This is also true for staircases, of course.

On the other hand, you can also use runners with bright primary colors to spruce up a dead atmosphere. This is perfect for those houses that need an extra touch.

History of Rugs

It may surprise you to learn that rugs have a history of almost three thousand years old.

Yes, you read that right. Isn’t it amazing how something we consider so stylish today has been around that long?

Many of the oldest rugs have been discovered around the Middle East region, with some of the oldest being found in present-day Armenia. These rugs date from around the 7th century BCE. And some rugs from the 5th century BCE are still around today.

Imagine decorating your house with one of those.

In all seriousness, runners have a long, cultural history that automatically transmits the depth of their importance to any room.

Another great aspect of this historical importance is that it tells you that these carpets are authentic. Though we live in a world today saturated with mass-produced and machine-created objects, we can take comfort in the fact that some things just don’t change. And a good rug runner is one of those things.

It’s always great to know that we can go out and purchase a handmade runner. This authenticity is exactly what every homeowner seeks when buying and decorating a home. And it can help add a personal touch to your home. Whenever you see your runner, you will know that it was not made by some gray and dull machine in a factory that you would never want to visit, but by a real human being with a history and story all of her own.

Owning your own runner means you will be able to participate in the long and significant history carpets have had in our world. It’s time to add your own chapter!

Famous Runners

While there are famous rug runners from all across the world, some of the most famous come—not surprisingly—from the Middle East, in particular, Turkey and Afganistan.

Turkish Runners

Turkish runners are, quite honestly, a marvel of the carpeting world.


Turkish runners, either hand-knotted or flat woven, are always made from the highest-quality material and represent a handmade culture that is still alive to this day. This gives the runners quite a bit of authentic depth that really gives atmosphere to any hallway or staircase.

Plus, you just can’t beat the quality.

You might be asking yourself: how did these runners get to be so good?

The answer is simple: Turkey has one of the richest histories of carpet and runner make. As you’d imagine, in the beginning, people weren’t making rug runners for hallways, but for protection. Turkish winters were cold and fierce, and people needed all the protection they could get from the harsh weather.

In this way, the Turkish people were forced to make their runners and carpets with the highest quality material. This ensured their survival in the bitter cold.

Over time, this tradition continued to develop, as the Turkish used wool or cotton (sometimes infused with silk) to make runners that weren’t only practical but were also decorative.

This tradition, of course, still lives to this day. Now people all across the world are carrying on with this example. More and more houses are turning to runners to add depth and beauty to their interiors.

And who can blame them?


Afghanistan is also one of the world’s most easily recognized countries when it comes to carpet-making. Like Turkey, Afghanistan produces high-quality runners that are handmade and easily recognizable. The colors and patterns of Afghani runners are unique and beautiful.

This is why they have become something of a phenomenon across the world. As more and more people learn about the beauty of Afghani runners, they are becoming somewhat of a trend in many households.

The great thing about them is that people all over the world are now able to purchase them! Sadly, as a result of certain political tensions between the US and particular regions of the Middle East (such as Iran), not all of the carpet products that come out of the Middle East are available to US consumers.

This is not the case for Afghani carpets and runners, however, so it is highly urged that you look into them for yourself!

Of course, rug runners are not only famous in the Middle East. These days, European and American models are also enjoying wide popularity, and this is great for people who want to express themselves. Western runners differ in tradition from Middle Eastern ones, and by nature, they feature different designs. These designs range from a variety of patterns and colors, some being simple, and others being more complex. It’s worth checking them out for yourself and comparing! You can definitely find a wide variety of modern runners today that are guaranteed to add diversity to your home—even if it’s already diverse!

Modern Day

Okay, so runners have a long history—what does that have to do with today?

Even though it might sound hard to believe, runners have great places in today’s modern environment. Houses have changed a lot over the years, and naturally, the flooring present in houses has followed suit.

In the past, it might have been that hardwood floors were the rave. Then everyone wanted carpet. That was great for runners, right?

Actually, because runners are merely small bits of carpet, this trend negatively affected the runner. Fortunately, however, we have seen an increase in the number of modern-day hardwood floors, and with it an increase in the use of modern runner rugs, as well.

These consist of modern stair runners that are not only stylish and decorative (and believe me, they are) but are also safe.

Safe, how?

For one thing, the presence of carpet on wooden runners makes it less likely that one will fall when going up and down the steps. Anyone who has ever fallen down a staircase knows that it’s not as comical as people in the movies make it out to be. It hurts.

So that’s why it’s great to put down a runner! Runners help to build traction and friction, which makes it significantly harder to trip up or down a staircase. Those who are worried about their loved ones or themselves having an accident on the staircase should seriously consider this option!

Another advantage of modern staircase runners is that they provide for a quieter environment. No one likes creaky hardwood, and unfortunately for us, creaky staircases aren’t just a thing of horror movies.

Anyone who has ever woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone creaking her way up the stairs knows just how frustrating it can actually be.

Adding a carpet runner to your staircase can soften the sound of steps and make it easier to enjoy a peaceful environment. This is especially great if you are someone with kids. Seriously. No matter how many times you tell them, children love to do things they consider fun: and playing on the stairs, it seems, is one of those things. Adding a runner for your staircase will definitely help you keep your sanity.

And it will also help you and your family have more comfort. Walking across hardwood is more uncomfortable to our feet and ankles. Adding carpet will soften the impact and help keep you from developing sore and aching feet. Save yourself an expensive trip to the massage therapist and invest in a great rug that will be easier for everyone!

Of course, this is also true for modern area rug runners that are used in the hallway. Though it’s not as likely one will fall or break down a hallway, it’s still nice to know that you have added comfort to your house. It might sound trivial now, but you will appreciate it later!


By now, you should have no doubt of the benefit rugs runners can bring to any home. Apart from being internationally stylish, historically significant, and efficient even today in the modern world, runners simply provide a sense that you know what you are doing. You are someone who knows a good opportunity when she sees one, and you are also someone with a great sense of style.

It’s hard not to appreciate the simple, yet the varied beauty of a good hallway or staircase runner. And it’s also hard not to appreciate the long history they are part of—the history of carpets worldwide that have greatly influenced how we operate in the world today. Whether your interest is in long runner rugs or short runner rugs, you will definitely love your selection!

Modern Rugs – The New Trend Setter!

A carpet is a great addition to every room, highlighting its uniqueness and offering a cozy atmosphere. There are different types of carpeting in the market covering the personal taste and the customized requirements of even the most discerning customer. Modern rugs have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, reflecting the change in fashion and people’s mindset.

Modern area rugs are able to offer a distinctive character to the room, combining all the pieces of furniture together in a unique blend. If you are not certain as to the exact type of carpet you should buy for your home or the office, you can have a look at the plethora of options available at ABC Decorative Rugs, a leading the Rug Store in San Francisco. Simply luxurious, made of the finest materials and encompassing unpretentious elegance and style, these rugs will provide you with the top options in the market.

Are you interested in residential or commercial carpets? Do you want something classical or modern? What material are you searching for? Is there any specific color you want to add to your room? No matter what it is that you have been searching for, it is certain that you are going to find the best products perfectly handcrafted for you. You simply have a look at the textures, the styles, and the chromatic combinations before you select the ultimate modern rug for your personal shelter.

Mid-Century Modern Rugs

For an exquisite combination of modernity and tradition, you can select a mid-century modern rug to complete the interior decor of your home. Rather than settling for something that does not actually appeal to you, it is better to go ahead with purchasing the carpet that meets your criteria and even exceeds your initial expectations. Find the perfect match for your every room right away, checking through a plethora of options.

High-Quality Standards & Reliability

When you are searching for the optimal modern rug, quality matters. So you need to make sure that the rug you are purchasing is of the finest quality standards. You can check out the materials used and the handcrafting method, the specific details and the distinctive touches that make the rug durable and resilient. It is important to enjoy your rug for a long time and longevity is a matter of quality.

Find out more about the modern rugs for sale and their exquisite diversity. Wander through various options, till you find the exact rug that fits your room perfectly and allows you to create a place of warmth, a shelter of intimacy and a cherished destination!

Ikat Rug – Things to Consider!

Buying a rug is something particularly beneficial. The truth is that they are capable of providing a tremendous amount of comfort and convenience. Furthermore, they are also capable of complementing your interior brilliantly in a way which is particularly interesting. However, there is a tremendous amount of different styles, patterns, and traditions when it comes to rug-weaving, and we would like to drive your attention to one which is going to be perfect for country designs and interiors – the ikat rug.

The Things to Know About the Ikat Rug

The first thing that you need to know is that ikat rug is named after ikat – a technique which is utilized in order to pattern textiles which employ resist dyeing right there on the yarns before the dyeing and the weaving of the fabric is laid out.

The technique entails a process in which the resist is formulated by binding different and individual yarns as well as bundles of yarns with a particularly tight wrapping which is applied in a much desired and allocated pattern. The yarns are then carefully dyed, and the minding can be amended in order to create a different pattern. The yarns can also be dyed again with a different color. The process is particularly interesting, and it could be repeated quite a few times in order to produce the necessary effect. This is the main reason for which ikat area rugs are particularly interesting and come with an abundance of colors.

Things to Consider

There are a lot of things that could be taken into account when it comes to the ikat rug. First off, the darker colors are rather characteristic. However, this is usually up to the person who’s ordering the rug. Of course, you can choose a different set of colors as well as different patterns when it comes to it.


So, if you are thinking to buy ikat rug in the USA, there are many online Rug stores such as Rugs USA, Wayfair, Rugs Direct, eSale Rugs, RugKnots, Rugsville etc. ABC Decorative Rugs also a leading online home store in San Francisco, where you can find the best quality area rugs and carpets at discount price with free shipping in USA & Canada.

Round Rugs for Home Decor!

Round Rugs have various purposes, they can keep the place warm, define a space and create a statement; they are definitely the ultimate designing tool. For homeowners who have an open floor plan or those who have a hard-floor surface small round rugs are not only an attractive choice but they are also a necessity. These rugs can totally revolutionize the appearance of the entire room, transforming a plain room into a personalized and elegant room that emanates warmth atmosphere. To help you in choosing the best round area rugs for sale, we have enumerated some of the factors that can affect your decision.

Tips for Finding the Best Round Rugs for Sale

It is important to choose your small round rugs wisely. You need to consider the space where you are planning to use it. Be sure to keep these tips in your mind when shopping for round rugs.

The Size and the Scale

Rugs are available in standard sizes; however, due to the growing popularity of these rugs, it is now also available in larger variation to accommodate the bigger living spaces. Standard sizes come at a fixed price, but prices can change on the customized type of rugs due to the design, color, and size. Here are the general rules when choosing round rugs.

Use large round outdoor rugs when defining an open space.

Round bath rugs are ideal to use outside the bathroom.

Furniture should be placed on the outskirts of the rug. When you are placing the rugs in the living area

Round rugs are ideal to use in the special corners

The Look

There are various factors that affect the overall appeal of the small round rugs such as texture and the color. Let us examine how these elements can affect your shopping for round rugs for sale.


When considering the texture of the round rug, you must analyze the prevalent color of the room. In the event that the room has a neutral tone, we advised you to choose a textured rug also in the neutral tone in order to add depth and dimension to the room.


Small round rugs that are available in various patterns and color will add interest on a plain room. However, choosing colored and patterned round rug will be a lot complicated. You will need to find a balance on the artwork, fabric, and the light work. The color does not necessarily have to be bright, there are stunning round outdoor rugs on the market that have soft shade.


Before you try to choose your round rug based on its aesthetic appeal, try to remember your original purpose of buying your rug. There are rugs that are quite popular at the moment, but will it help you fulfill your goal? You should also consider the amount of care and maintenance that it needs.

There you have it; these are the essential things that you need to remember when you are in the market for round rugs. You need to choose a rug that it is not only pleasing, but it should also serve its purpose well.


If you are planning to buy round rugs in the USA, there are many popular home stores offers best quality area rugs and carpets at discount prices with free shipping. ABC Decorative Rugs is also a leading online rug store in San Francisco, California, at the Rug store you can find the best quality area rugs like modern rugs, overdyed rugs, round rugs, runners, antique rugs, traditional rugs, transitional rugs and much more at best price.

Shag Rugs: Best Tips Of Rug Cleaning!

The use of rugs in the Entire USA is very common for flooring purpose. But most of the peoples use rugs for coverings unwanted damages like holes, broken portion, etc. These rugs can be in large, small. Can be differed in looks according to the theme of Interior The texture may be different according to the installation of Shag area rugs for fewer traffic areas and to give rich texture to your flooring.

These shag area rugs are known for its unique texture and its bouncy surface. To make it very special for you it long hairy shag is responsible. The shag rugs the USA is not only famous for its look but also famous for its deep cleansing which it gives to your soft feet. So, if you want to make your home more attractive and your feet are beautiful, should try Shag large area rugs. In this blog, we will discuss about shag rug cleaning, how to clean a shag rug and how to keep your shag area rugs last lasting.

Tips To Care Your Expensive Shag Rugs

The shag area rugs USA are really looking attractive and can be perfect a perfect choice for your living room. An installation of the shaggy rug can make your room very attractive. But the care of this type can be difficult if you have less information about related to its care. So, in points shown below, I will dictate all the things to help in keeping your shag rugs in USA long lasting.

Vacuum: The regular vacuuming of Shag rug is a good idea because it not allows the sand deeply settle down under the root of shag. But do not apply vacuuming on shaggy rugs if the shag of your rugs is thin and long. If you’ll, it ruined your expensive large shaggy rugs.

Shaking and Beating: If the dust ceases the pores of the shag roots and collected at the roots then the beating and shaking shaggy rug can be a great idea. Under this technique you need to take out your shag area rug and hang it. After it, you have to beat your rug with Carpet beater. It will lose the dust collected deeply under the surface.

Shampoo: The use of dry shampoo to wash shag rug can be the best idea. It will give your shag rug a deep cleansing and will also give shine to the shag of your rug.

If you want to make your home very beautiful by installing shaggy rugs USA you must visit ABC Decorative Rugs, an online carpet stores in San Francisco. We have best in class long shag large rugs USA online. In our shag rugs collection, we will find in many patterns like in solid color, modern style, etc. So, from our store, you can find your best matching rugs online at best price with free shipping in USA & Canada.

Rug Cleaning Services in San Francisco Bay Area!

Millions of homeowners have rugs in their homes because of ambiance, appearance, and comfort it offers. While a rug is a great choice for decorating and flooring, it is also important that the homeowner should properly take care of their rugs by performing routine maintenance.

One of the parts of this routine maintenance is to have rugs professionally cleaned after every 6 to 18 months depending on the extent of its use. Some of the good reasons to have your rugs professionally cleaned are:-

* Health Benefits
* Prevention of dust mites or bacteria
* Eliminate Bad Smell
* Regain the original appearance
* Extends the life of Rug

Why Choose ABC Decorative Rugs – Rug Cleaning Services

ABC Decorative Rugs – Rug cleaning services are the premier area rug cleaning services provider in San Francisco Bay Area. All our rug washing is done by our experts and professional rug cleaners. Our professional cleaners use Eco-friendly, pet and child safety products and are specialized in cleaning and stain removal of all types of rugs, that is:-

Wool and natural fiber made area rugs require special kind of attention. For this, we perform Our Ultra Clean process which uses a special low moisture solution to deep clean your area rugs and to regain their natural beauty. Our In-home service gives you a brilliant cleaning right in your home.

To prevent the value, beauty, and integrity of your antique rug, it must be cleaned by professionals. At ABC Decorative Rugs, our antique rug experts and professional rug cleaners have been cleaning, washing, repairing and restoring antique rugs for many years. Our professionals not only clean the rugs but also make their full efforts in maintaining the natural fibers and rug structure. We have the knowledge and experience to safely clean and maintain high-end rugs. Our rug cleaning professionals work with many top and respected collectors.
We follow our perfected seven step rug cleaning process:-

Dye Checking
Wet the Carpet

If you want to keep maintain your costly area rugs long lasting and new, you should try our services of rug cleaning San Francisco. If you are living farther from us! Don’t panic we are online. To register, visit our official website abcdecorativerugs.com. If you choose us, you will get our additional benefit of free pickup. After wash, we will also deliver your cleaned rug free of cost.

Source: ABC Decorative Rugs