Shag Rugs: Best Choice To Decor Your Home!

Shag is a type of rug or carpet that has a deep pile which gives it a shaggy appearance. The name has been derived from old English sceacga which is related to old nose skeg beard.

In recent years, shag type of rugs has become very popular all over the world.

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ABC Decorative Rug is the place where you can find your desire area rugs. They have great collection of shaggy and flokati area rugs which will infuse your room with retro style along with cozy comfort of softness. Their collection includes shag silky shaggy, solid, border, check, silky shag, geometric, braided shaggy, stripe, abstract.

There collection also comes with infinite number of color combination. They use best quality of colors generally natural colors or eco-friendly colors which has no side-effects. Their infinite number of color combination will make your home look more colorful. Colors which they use for their rugs are generally black, blue, brown, gray, green, multi, pink & purple, Red & rust, Tan & ivory, white and Yellow & gold. Colors like steel, blue-mocha, charcoal; classic shades including rich red, beige and clean ivory are among the most popular color of their shaggy rugs.

ABC Decorative Rugs use best quality of materials in manufacturing of their shaggy rugs. The material of their product is generally polyester, silk and wool. Out of these materials, wool & silk is the high rated product of there entire range of rugs.

Their rugs are manufactured in variant shape and size which can fit in any corner of the house. The style of their rugs is most famous in US market that is braided and shag & flokati.

They follow different types of weave pattern. Few of them are hand knotted, hand tufted, hand woven and machine made. Out of these the most famous one is hand knotted.

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Trendy Ways to Use Round Rugs!

When it comes to buying a rug, most of the people instantly think about rectangular or square shaped rugs. Majority of interior decor that involves a prominent presence of rugs is made up such tried and tested shapes. In fact for many people, a rug is not a real rug until it has four corners and if you look at majority of popular rugs, whether they be hand woven rugs from middle east, oriental rugs from China or modern rugs that are made of synthetic material, they are usually of a squarish or a rectangular form.

With that being said, it cannot be denied that round rugs not only add something completely different and unique to a room, they also make a bold “fashion” statement of sorts. Used in the right manner, a round rug can add that much more to a room than a regular rug ever could. But therein lies the problem how do you use a round rug in such a way that it does not make things awkward.

Round rugs can seem tricky

At first glance round rugs can seem rather tricky to place, especially if you are new to the world of rugs or if you are decorating your house for the first time by yourself. You see a round rug, you love the design or the pattern but for the life of you, you can’t fathom how or where it will go in your house. This happens to way too many people than you’d realize.

After all, most of the rooms in the world have four corners. Which is why a rug with four corners goes so well. It is symmetrically similar and creates a visually pleasing synchronized effect. A round rug on the other hand can seem like a rather stark and at times, an uneven contrast to many, hence a lot of people simply shy away from them.

Circular rugs in the living room

There is no need to be so scared of incorrectly placing a round rug that you do not even consider using it for your interior decor purposes. In fact there is no reason to make a choice between square/rectangular and round rugs. You should ideally use a combination of both to make the most of it.

One of the easiest ways to use a circular rug in any room is to ensure that all the important pieces of furniture in the room touch the circumference of the rug. For instance, a round rug can extend to the edge of the big couch, the single chairs and the vintage dresser that is so precious to you. As with everything else involving rugs, your main intention is to create a sense of symmetry.

In a similar way, you can use a round rug to designate another sitting space that is in the vicinity of the main living room. In such a case, a round rug with a rich pattern that contrasts pleasantly with the colour scheme of the living room can work wonders. Think of it as a way of segregating spaces and creating a visual map in the mind of your guests.

Oval rugs in personal spaces

Circular rugs, especially the ones that are in a distinct oval shape are great for using in personal spaces like the bedroom or the bathroom. They give you a great chance to experiment and add something unique to the space.

Sure you can have your bedroom carpeted wall to wall or go with a traditional rug to cover the space under the bed but you’d get much more attractive results by throwing in an intricately woven oval rug right at the spot on the floor that you use to lay off your slippers. Heritage oval rugs are just perfect for such a purpose.

If you have a large bedroom then it is very likely that you have a sitting space assigned in there. A traditional circular rug is great for just such a space and helps create a visual sense of boundary.

Oval rugs are great for bathroom as well, as they are just perfect to place alongside a bathtub. Obviously you’d want to choose a rug made of a material that is immune to water damage and would hold its own upon heavy use. If you do not have a bathtub in the bathroom then you can place such rugs by the shower booth.

Don’t just restrict their use to the personal spaces that you and your family occupy. Use them in the guest bedrooms and bathrooms as well to make a bold style statement. After all what use is the use of thoughtful interior décor if you don’t show it off?

Traditional or modern round rugs

Contrary to popular opinion, traditional rugs can be used in a circular form to great effect. For example a highly detailed, hand woven circular rug can be placed under furniture that is in circular or curvy form. They can also be used very effectively at entrance foyers if you want to make a startling first impression on your guests. There are plenty of traditional circular designs that can create a whole lot of different moods and you will never be at a lack of choice for that.

Traditional and even modern circular rugs work well in rooms where there is not much else that is eye catching. In a living space that is minimally designed a round rug has a great opportunity of showing its true beauty. Think of a traditional round rug in a room adorned with pastel colored walls and simple furniture and you will be able to visualize what we are referring to. Besides it can also make a small space seem a lot larger than it actually is.

Modern round rugs that are of solid colours can be placed very easily in rooms where they have something in common with a particular piece of furniture. In such a case, a modern rug can be used as a visual focal point. Think of a deep red rug, under a deep red sofa chair in a room that is otherwise white in its entirety. Can you see how well it works?

Hopefully by now, you must have a fair idea of the many different ways in which you can use different kinds of rugs to give your house a style upgrade that is well beyond the clichés that are usually followed by people. As we said before, round rugs allow you to make a strong style statement and when you make choices keeping the overall scheme of things in mind, you can’t go wrong with these.

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Trendy Ways to Decorate Your Home with Moroccan Rugs!

Moroccan Rugs – Decorating your home interiors with Moroccan rugs is a great way to up your style. Moroccan Rugs with their minimalist, tribal designs complement most interior styles. The term tribal or nomadic rugs immediately conjure up images of exotic Middle Eastern or Central Asian ethnography. In terms of design we tend to think of nomadic rugs as having a complex ornamental repertory of intricate geometric patterns, expressed in a palette of dark, deep colors.

Moroccan rugs produced by the nomadic Berber peoples of the Atlas Mountain region of Morocco. Moroccan carpets are beautiful rugs, with styles ranging from minimal tribal tones to bright shags with an array of earthy colors, the Moroccan Rug is the new must-have.

Decorating With Moroccan Rugs for Traditional Taste

The neutral visage of Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs is particularly suitable for classic traditional and glamorous decor of home. Black and white features, a grand piano, leather smoking chairs, blue velvet and dark upholstery are exceptionally flattering against these sumptuous achromatic carpets. However, don’t miss the opportunity to pair bright, saturated or pastel colors, Tiffany blue, lemon yellow, regal reds and unexpected tones against their neutral surface.

Home Decor in Modernist Interiors

When it comes to Moroccan carpet weaving, specifically the Beni Ourain rug variety, modern is the go-to style. Vintage Mid-century and classically modern furnishings have a natural appeal when arranged around a shaggy carpet. The same can be said for more austere, minimalist furnishings that are softened and greatly enhanced by the organic textures and patterns that these stylish creations display.

Decor Wall Art and Tapestries with Moroccan Rugs

Hanging is a marvellous, modern alternative to placing rugs on the floor alone. Moroccan kilim rug and hand-woven rugs that feature colorful tufts and pile accents are well-suited for this application. Moroccan kilims in rich, warm tones of orange, red and brown create an exceptional backdrop for entryways and prominent furnishings. Although less traditional, the concept complements Morocco’s talent for decorating with carved screens, elaborate tiles and patterned accoutrements.

Draping Moroccan Rugs

Adopting a pioneering style isn’t necessary when one can follow in the footsteps of great mid century modern designers like Charles and Ray Eames. The couple’s iconic Pacific Palisades Case Study home was decked out with modern furnishings and exotic collectibles that have been described as “a kaleidoscope of excess.” One of the more distinctive features, aside from their eponymous lounge chair, is the low-slung sofas and settees that are draped with colorful kilims.

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Difference between Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary!

Shopping for a rug can be overwhelming but narrowing it down to one of the popular design styles whether that is contemporary, traditional or transitional will make it easier. Although you might not know the difference between them at first, each is unique so it’s important to know the differences. One of the main things is to think about your overall style, decor and furniture while asking yourself what kind of look you want to achieve.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs are modern designs that can be “soft” or “hard” depending on its patterns and colours. They are more Western in their designs and best suited to new and informal homes.

Generally characterised by stark contrasts, contemporary rugs also favour geometrics and free form or abstract styled elements. Unlike traditional rugs, this modern style is very diverse, offering buyers a lot of variation and are sometimes more like art than a conventional rug.

Although they usually incorporate bold colour choices and unusual design elements, contemporary rugs can also be very subtle and fit seamlessly with furniture and décor. Many modern rugs come in just one or two colours without any intricate designs.

Traditional Rugs

If you want to add a touch of class and sophistication, traditional rugs may be worth considering. Traditional rugs usually refer to either traditional Oriental or Persian patterns and traditional European or Victorian patterns. With designs that date back centuries, they are described as gorgeous, ornate and intricate in pattern and colours.

This design style is stately and is usually made in a pre-defined colour range. Most traditional rugs have almost the same set of colours including maroon, black, red, navy blue, brown, white and green.

Traditional rug designs contain specific elements like florals, intricate patterns, borders and central medallions in shapes like diamonds, octagons and hexagons. With universally recognised beauty, it is no wonder that traditional rugs are known for the luxurious touch of elegance they add to any room and living area.

Transitional Rugs

Lastly, transitional rugs are a more casual style that falls between traditional and contemporary. They are often adapted from traditional designs with a modern twist or reworking of traditional colors.

Taking a more classic theme from traditional rugs, this style often features an all-over repetitive design element. They also tend to work well with natural, organic elements like stone, granite and wood, harmonious tones, neutral floorings and tasteful signature pieces.

The result is an enduring design that is comfortable and classic, striking the perfect balance. Because transitional rugs are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, they work well with nearly all interiors as well as making your home warm and welcoming.

While there are more styles than the three mentioned above, many rug designs fall into one of these rug categories. So if you can’t decide on traditional or contemporary then transitional rugs may be the way to go.

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Tribal Rugs: Perfect For Decor Your Home!

Our tribal area rugs are original, good quality pieces, handmade and collected at source from the nomadic tribes people of persia and central Asia. These are all collectible examples of nomad art. Each piece utilizes the design skills and showcases the individuality of each weaver.
An authentic oriental rug is a handmade carpet that is either knotted with pile or woven without pile.
These rugs normally come from a broad geographical region extending from China and Vietnam in the east to Turkey, Maghreb countries, Cyprus and Iran in the west and the Caucasus in the north to India in the south. People from different cultures, countries, racial groups and religious faiths are involved in the production of oriental rugs. Oriental rugs are organized by origin: Persian rugs, Arab rugs, Anatolian rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rugs, Central Asian rugs, Turkish (Turkmen, Turkoman) rugs, Chinese rugs, Tibetan rugs and Indian rugs.
The weaving of pile rugs is a difficult and tedious process which, depending on the quality and size of the rug, may take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete.
To begin making a rug, one needs a foundation consisting of warps strong, thick threads of cotton, wool or silk which run the length of the rug and wefts similar threads which pass under and over the warps from one side to the other. The warps on either side of the rug are normally combined into one or more cables of varying thickness that are overcast to form the selvage.
Weaving normally begins by passing a number of wefts through the bottom warp to form a base to start from. Loosely piled knots of dyed wool or silk are then tied around consecutive sets of adjacent warps to create the intricate patterns in the rug. As more rows are tied to the foundation, these knots become the pile of the rug. Between each row of knots, one or more shots of weft are passed to tightly pack down and secure the rows.
Depending on the fineness of the weave, the quality of the materials and the expertise of the weavers, the knot count of a handmade rug can vary anywhere from 16 to 550 knots per square inch.
When the rug is completed, the warp ends form the fringes that may be weft-faced, braided, tasseled, or secured in some other manner.
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Things to Know Before Buying a Moroccan Rug!


It’s very easy to fall in love with Moroccan rugs. And why not? These luxurious and exquisite fabrics can turn a dull room into an elegant venue of your home, not to mention it can turn your frown into a smile.

Do you know much about the Moroccan rugs? While it’s great to adorn your home with these amazing floor decors, it’s also good to learn a few interesting things about Moroccan rugs. Here are some of the wonderful facts about the Moroccan rugs.
1. Original Moroccan rugs are handmade from Morocco, a North African country known for its rugs and carpets.
2. Rug weaving in Morocco started centuries ago, and has been passed to succeeding generations.
3. Moroccan rugs may come in various shapes and sizes, but most of them differ based on the Moroccan region where the rug was handwoven.

Now that you have learned a few things about the culture of rug weaving in Morocco, I believe you’re now ready to purchase your very own Moroccan rug. Here are some basic tips on buying a Moroccan rug.

Shopping Rug

First things first, you need to know the size of the rug that you need, the type or color of rug that will complement the area where you will place the fabric, and your budget for the rug.

Reputable Moroccan Rug Store

There are a lot of rug retailers in USA, so it would be best to communicate with as many as you can. We at ABC Decorative Rugs can help you get hold of a stylish and best quality Moroccan Rug for your living area of beautiful home or office.

Rug Quality

This might be a stretch for some, because not everyone is keen on checking the quality of the rug fabric. One thing that you should remember for handmade rugs like the Moroccan varieties is that these rugs are hand-knotted. You can also ask what type of dye was used to color the rug. Natural dyes are the most authentic, but might be more expensive.
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