Antique Rugs Things To Consider

Antique Rugs – The Perfect Decorative Rugs To Design Your Home

Antique rugs making is one of the historic arts and craft all over the world. These decorative rugs making art is widespread amongst the people all over the world. Antique Persian rugs originate from Iran, Scandinavia. Well known for artisans of rug designers in mid-century. These designers have developed a unique and distinctive ABC rug making techniques and styles. And these ABC rug styles are unique and special in its own way.

Antique Rugs History

Antique Persian rugs represent a unique and differential aspect in the world of art and decorative rugs. According to historic culture, ABC rug making is the important aspect of Persian culture. Some of the most beautiful antique oriental rugs ever woven designed and produced in Persia. These antique rugs for sale are available in different patterns like geometric patterns, medallions with diamond patterns. Common colors include crimson, saffron gold, ivory, burnt orange, and Sienna.

Styles Of Antique Rugs

There various styles of Antique rugs like Afshar Rugs, Alcaraz Rugs, Gashgai Rugs, Hamedan Rugs, Heriz-Serapi Rugs, Hooked Rugs, Karabagh Rugs, Karajeh Rugs, Kashan Rugs, Kazak Rugs, Moroccan Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Silk rugs, Vintage rugs, Oversized rugs, shabby chic rugs, Zakatala Rugs An ancient Persian rug or carpet, as with any valuable art object, requires periodic care to assure lasting beauty and value. By taking some simple precautions, your old carpet, whether it is a 70-year-old rug or an ancient carpet in a hundred years or more. It can be preserved in the next generation, in a good floor position.

Antique Rug Cleaning

The finest old Persian rugs used lanoline rich wool, which has amazing stain-resistant properties. If a spill is dealt with directly, it can be easily removed before it is often blurred. Use a damp, clean cloth to blot from the edges to rotate the edges. If soap is required, then use hair shampoo because the wool protein is like human hair. Do not clear, because it will embed the stool more deeply into wool. Then, for quick drying, the air, raise the salt area on a small stool or box. Avoid soaking your ABC rug in salt for a longer period of time in order to save the cotton foundation. We firmly advise against using home remedies to remove stains because they can cause irreversible dye run, discoloration, and chemicals should never be used. If the above method is not effective, consult the oriental rug cleaning professional.

Pot plants should be placed at the top of the decorative rugs at any time. Even with a water basin below the pot, because it is still possible to get the moisture collected under a leak-proof pot to infiltrate the ABC rug. Also possible, which can cause considerable, irreversible fungal damage. The foundations of carpet cotton.

How To Remove Stains

Red wine stains safely picked up by blotting the fluid without rubbing it using dry towels. Then solve a quart water with 2-3 drops of 1-2 teaspoons (apple cider vinegar) of lightly unbalanced colorless detergents and plain white vinegar like Ivory Soap. Rinse lightly with this solution now blow up with dry towels again. Then rinse with plain water, if necessary, a little more. Raise the salt area of the ABC rug and air dry with a fan for 24-48 hours, not only dry to the touch, but the heap is dry with the foundation.

Shag Rug Cleaning Service in San Francisco!

Shag rugs are almost unique piece of floor decor due to its long and luxurious piles which gives them a classy and signature look, touch and feel. Their long and luxurious piles make a very strong appeal to a person to walk on bare feet on these rugs. But due to its shaggy fibers, shag rugs are little bit difficult to clean as compare to other rugs. Different types of area rugs required different types of cleaning strategies and products. This article will help you in how to clean a shag rug.

There are many methods to clean a shaggy rug, but we are here going to discuss some of the few most common methods which are widely used.


To clean your rug, this is one of the easiest and oldest methods in the world. Take your rug outside your house, hold tightly at the two corners of the rug and powerfully shake to loosen the dirt and dust out of the rug. If your rug is two heavy than you can hang your rung from one side and start hitting it with a broom handle or a solid stick. This will make dirt and dust fly out of the rug. After flying off dirt and dust you can give your rug a chance to absorb some rays under the sunlight to kill bacteria and mites. But remember do not over expose your rug under sunlight as it can fade the color of your shaggy rug permanently.


Vacuuming a shaggy rug required some extra precautions as there is always a chance that extra long pile of shag rugs can get stuck in the vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming always adjust the height of your vacuum to little bit high and turn off the beater bar. If your rug placed in high traffic area than you can vacuum your rug twice a month properly. You can vacuum underside of the rug as well to clean your rug thoroughly.

Spot clean

When accidentally some spills occur, spot cleaning is the most appropriate and easiest way to clean the spoiled area without treating the whole shag rug. This method will be well effective only when acted fast on spills before they settle deep down in the fibers of the rug. If spills occur, immediately bloat the affected area with wet warm towel or cloth. Do not rub as rubbing can make spills to settle down, try to rub gently in up and down motion. After bloating that area apply some carpet cleaning solution on that to get away some bad smell out of the rugs.


If the spill is over the large area of the carpet which is difficult to remove by spot cleaning method, than we can wash our rug with shampoo. Use only recommended type of shampoo or brand for your rug. Make shampoo solution with hot water as it will easily remove dirt and dust. Do not overuse the solution as it might damage your rug. After shampoo wash don’t forget to air dry your rug outside under the sunlight to avoid any mildew.

Professional rug cleaning

It is one of the safest and most effective ways of cleaning shag rugs. Cleaning a rug at home is always a risky job as there is always a chance that rug might get damage. Professionals perform their activity with high care and precautions. Even if you clean your rug yourself than also there is a need of professional cleaning at least after every 4 months, its depends on whether your rug is in high or low traffic area.

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