Buy Silk Rugs? ABC Rug Buying Guide

ABC Rug Buying Guide Of Silk Rugs

With their intricate designs, tight weave, vivid colors and lovely lush feel, silk rugs are true works of art. In fact, most people who buy these fabulous creations use them to adorn their walls rather than their floors. Here are a few things you should know if you are considering buying silk Persian rugs. ABC rug described all the beautiful things about silk rugs.

Beautiful Features Of Silk Rugs

The first thing that will strike you when you look at a silk rug is its high sheen. Silk fibers are naturally lustrous and rugs online make of this material look have the most amazing sheen.

Because silk is an expensive material to create rugs for sale from, it is not as widely used as wool, but the weavers who do work with silk go to great lengths to make sure that their creations are nothing less than magnificent. Compare any wool rug with a silk rug and you will see the difference. In silk rugs for sale, the knots are tighter and the knot count is higher. If you run your hand lightly across the surface of the ABC rug, it will feel lush, luxurious and silky smooth.

How To Acknowledge Silk Rugs

Genuine silk rugs online can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, you may pay a high price for a good-looking rug only to find years later that it is not actually a silk rug at all. To prevent this from happening, these are a few things you must look carefully at to determine whether or not what you are looking at is a genuine silk rug of decorative rugs.

Check the weave and knot count – Silk rugs online are always tightly woven with a high word count. There are no exceptions. Pay careful attention to the knot count. If it is more than 500 KPSI, it is more likely to be a genuine silk rug. If it is anything less than that, it is more likely to be made of artificial silk.

Does it have a short pile? – Silk rugs (decorative rugs) are tightly clipped and have a short pile. This helps to protect the delicate silk fibers and it also works to highlight the intricate patterns and details.

Take a closer look at the fringe – A silk rug should have a silk fringe that extends naturally from the body of the ABC rug. If the fringe is not silk or if it looks like a separate piece attached to the body of the ABC rug, it is most likely not a silk rug.

How To Determine Real Silk Persian Rug

There are several different techniques that can be used to test whether an ABC rug is made of genuine silk. However, you have to be careful as some of these techniques may damage the fibers. Moreover, these tests are not completely foolproof.

Test 1 – Rub the fibers vigorously with your open palm. If it starts to feel warm, it is real silk. If it feels cool, it is made of artificial material.

Test 2- Cut and burn a single fiber. Genuine silk will smell like burning hair whereas artificial silk smells of burning paper.

Silk Rug Cleaning Do’s And Don’ts

Once you’ve identified and bought your silk rug, you must take great care to look after it to protect your investment. These few do’s and don’ts will help:

  • Do vacuum lightly at least once a week to prevent accumulation of debris and dust.
  • Don’t use the brush roll setting on the vacuum as it can damage the fibers.
  • Do set the vacuum on low to prevent excessive pressure on the fibers.
  • Do get your silk rug professionally cleaned regularly.

Where To Buy Decorative Rugs

If you are planning to decorate the living space of your home then use only designer rugs. ABC rug recommends silk rugs to flooring your home beautifully. ABC rug store offers high-quality decorative rugs to their customers. Here you will find the large selection of decorative rugs such as Moroccan rugs, Persian rugs, Silk rugs, Gabbeh rugs, Natural fiber rugs and more rugs for sale at the best price. ABC rug offers free shipping delivery facility also in the San Francisco Bay area.

Rug Cleaning: How to Clean a Silk Rug!

A silk rug adds on a unique beauty to the interior of the any house or office. Due to the unique fibers of silk rugs, silk rug cleaning requires a unique approach than ordinary cotton or wool rugs. Most of the silk area rugs are manufactured in western part of Asian countries. The silk fibers are obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm. Silk fibers are very strong and resilient. Silk rugs can be stretched butt will easily return to its original size quickly because of very high elasticity of the silk fibers.
Due to these unique features of silk fibers, silk rugs are very smooth and light in weight but are quite delicate and must be handle with care. The material of these rugs can easily get stained and it should always be placed in low traffic areas as there is an always a high risk of color fading involve with high traffic areas. Frequent walking can also damage the embroidery of silk rugs. Abrasive cleaning can also damage a silk rug, so proper care must be taken before choosing any type of rug cleaning methods.

Keeping a silk rug clean

Placing a silk rug in low traffic area is the best way to keep it clean for long time. Some silk rug owners hang their silk rug on the wall as a decorative piece of art rather than placing them on the floor.
To remove any kind of dirt and dust that may have settle down on the rug, with the help of ordinary broom or vacuum, it can be gently swept. A very light and soft touch should be used while broom the rug in order to avoid any damage to the rug fibers. And if the rug is vacuumed, than in this case only brushless suction of vacuum head should be used.

Removing Strains

Any accidental spills must be attained very fast and quickly otherwise it will get settle down immediately and will become very impossible to remove them permanently. In case of solid rug, it should be scooped up with spoon and discarded, while performing these care must be taken to not to scrape the rug material itself. Any extreme type of scraping or sharp friction can permanently tear off or damage the silk rug fibers. A liquid spill as well as any liquid remained after solid spill must be remove with the wet soft cloth as soon as possible otherwise it may fade the color of the silk rug fibers.

Avoid heat and chemicals

Any kind of heat sources, whether it is from hair dryer or sunlight, should never be used directly on the silk rug. No doubt that heat will help rug to dry quickly, but it can also permanently damage or shrink the rug. In the same way the water or solution used to clean the liquid spill should be cool or lukewarm otherwise it will fade the color or may lead to other types of damages to the rugs.

An overall cleaning

After some time of use, it becomes necessary for a rug to receive an overall cleaning. Because the silk rug cannot receive any sunlight or heat directly, we cannot use any ordinary shampoo. First of all, after gentle sweeping of loose dust, we can gently rub entire silk rug with soft cloth dipped in cool or lukewarm solution.

Professional rug cleaning

It would be good idea to hire professional cleaners to clean your silk rugs as any professional cleaners will perform their actions with great care and would be able to clean your silk rug safely and effectively.
So if you need professional rug cleaning service then visit ABC Decorative Rugs, a leading rug cleaning service provider in USA.

Shag Rug Cleaning Service in San Francisco!

Shag rugs are almost unique piece of floor decor due to its long and luxurious piles which gives them a classy and signature look, touch and feel. Their long and luxurious piles make a very strong appeal to a person to walk on bare feet on these rugs. But due to its shaggy fibers, shag rugs are little bit difficult to clean as compare to other rugs. Different types of area rugs required different types of cleaning strategies and products. This article will help you in how to clean a shag rug.

There are many methods to clean a shaggy rug, but we are here going to discuss some of the few most common methods which are widely used.


To clean your rug, this is one of the easiest and oldest methods in the world. Take your rug outside your house, hold tightly at the two corners of the rug and powerfully shake to loosen the dirt and dust out of the rug. If your rug is two heavy than you can hang your rung from one side and start hitting it with a broom handle or a solid stick. This will make dirt and dust fly out of the rug. After flying off dirt and dust you can give your rug a chance to absorb some rays under the sunlight to kill bacteria and mites. But remember do not over expose your rug under sunlight as it can fade the color of your shaggy rug permanently.


Vacuuming a shaggy rug required some extra precautions as there is always a chance that extra long pile of shag rugs can get stuck in the vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming always adjust the height of your vacuum to little bit high and turn off the beater bar. If your rug placed in high traffic area than you can vacuum your rug twice a month properly. You can vacuum underside of the rug as well to clean your rug thoroughly.

Spot clean

When accidentally some spills occur, spot cleaning is the most appropriate and easiest way to clean the spoiled area without treating the whole shag rug. This method will be well effective only when acted fast on spills before they settle deep down in the fibers of the rug. If spills occur, immediately bloat the affected area with wet warm towel or cloth. Do not rub as rubbing can make spills to settle down, try to rub gently in up and down motion. After bloating that area apply some carpet cleaning solution on that to get away some bad smell out of the rugs.


If the spill is over the large area of the carpet which is difficult to remove by spot cleaning method, than we can wash our rug with shampoo. Use only recommended type of shampoo or brand for your rug. Make shampoo solution with hot water as it will easily remove dirt and dust. Do not overuse the solution as it might damage your rug. After shampoo wash don’t forget to air dry your rug outside under the sunlight to avoid any mildew.

Professional rug cleaning

It is one of the safest and most effective ways of cleaning shag rugs. Cleaning a rug at home is always a risky job as there is always a chance that rug might get damage. Professionals perform their activity with high care and precautions. Even if you clean your rug yourself than also there is a need of professional cleaning at least after every 4 months, its depends on whether your rug is in high or low traffic area.

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