Classy ways to wear Turquoise Jewellery!


Winters are all set to bid adieu in a matter of month, and it is time that you stock up your summer wardrobe already. And when talking about summer style, how can we not mention turquoise, which is the colour for every summer, as that season is more about wearing the bold, vibrant jewellery pieces and surprise all with your style statement. Talking about its history, turquoise is a solid, blue-to-green stuff which is very rare and precious in advanced grades. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has been valued as a treasure and patterned mineral for thousands of years due to its distinctive tinge. Summer is actually the season for turquoise pieces, and you can flaunt your best by teaming the pieces with the perfect outfit. After being in trend for every summer, this year too, turquoise is ready to cast a spell on fashionista and is already coming in various designs. For a statement look opt for turquoise in earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, etc. Click More Here…

Is Taylor Swift falling in love with Justin Bieber?

Bieber-Taylor-SwiftHollywood beauty Selena Gomez is in media attention for breaking up her relationship with pop sensation Justin Bieber, there seems to be another angle framing up in the story. Selena’s good friend, Taylor Swift, who so far was willing for Selena to stay off Bieber, seems to be seeking his attention. She reportedly had a crush on him and feels he is fair game now. Is Taylor trying to win Justin? Are we in to hear a love story between Swift and Justin now?