Momeni Rugs To Decorate Your Living Space

Momeni Rugs Are Perfect For Home Decoration

There are no decorative rugs that is comparable with the intricate, unique and glorious design of the Momeni rugs. The reputation of being the ABC rug of excellence’ is deeply rooted in its rich history. The production of the Momeni rugs for sale started more than 40 years ago; during that time Ali A. Momeni decided to establish their own family business by importing luxurious Persian rugs and carpets. The carpet was able to withstand the test of time and remain to be the top choice among the shrewd consumers. If you are looking for ABC rug name that comes with the quality, then this Momeni rug is what you are looking for.

High Living Momeni Rugs

The high-quality Momeni rugs for sale have received commendation and praises over and over again. They have received the Magnificent Carpet Award for the sophistication they use in creating elegant and quality rugs for sale. Momeni rug has been decorating the floorings of residential property worldwide. It was able to adapt to the changes of time and create a path for their modern collection of Momeni. In fact, more than 50% of the manufactured decorative rugs for sale have a contemporary design. During the earlier years of the business, they highly devoted to keeping the tradition while producing only a nominal percentage of modern rugs.

Momeni Rugs Designs & Patterns

The modern designs of the ABC rugs online generally inspired by the 20th-century work of art such as the Abstract Expressionism, Art Deco age, and the Vienna Scene. Though the layout has been modernized. The Momeni Inc was able to keep the tradition of handcrafting the rugs for sale using 100% wool. They know for a fact that they can save money when they opt for a cheaper synthetic fabric, but the wool remains the king when it comes to cleaning and wearing.

The contemporary layouts are filled with a geometric and angular pattern that is spacious and sleek. If you want to achieve a grandiose-looking floor, then there is no way to go but ABC rug. It will augment the color of your room and add space, interest, and texture to it. With their modern collection of designer rugs for sale, the company is indeed trying to achieve higher grounds. In case you are looking for a comprehensive collection of Momeni rugs, visit ABC rug online rug store for the premier collection of Momeni rugs online.

Momeni Rug Cleaning

When cleaning and maintaining the quality of your Momeni rug, you need to vacuum it once every week. In case you notice some fringes on your ABC rug, be extra careful when cleaning it. Refrain from using your vacuum on the fringes. Cleaning your Momeni rug on a regular basis will make solve your mold problem. In case there is a stain on your ABC rug, get a paper towel that will absorb the liquid. Never leave it wet since it can be a thriving ground of the mold and can affect its quality and longevity.

We at ABC rug online store offers a wide selection of Momeni rugs, Safavieh rugs, kilim rugs, designer rugs, tribal rugs, traditional rugs, shag rugs, Persian rugs and more rugs for sale up to 75% off with free shipping delivery in the San Francisco Bay area.

Safavieh Rugs – Most Decorative Rugs Online

Safavieh Rugs – World’s Most Beautiful Decorative Rugs Online

Safavieh Rugs Online – Safavieh is the leading manufacturer of fine area rugs. The company brings three generations of knowledge and experience to its award-winning collections of area rugs online. Safavieh is a pioneer brand in the creation of high-quality hand-knotted area rugs. A trend that revolutionized the area rug business in the USA. The Safavieh rugs range from the finest antique and historical reproductions to the most fashion-forward contemporary and designer rugs online.

Safavieh Rugs Collection

Safavieh area rugs are responsible for some of the most beautiful decorative rugs in the world. Safavieh’s offers some of the most comprehensive selection available, including traditional Oriental rugs woven throughout Asia. Classic Persian rugs, Tibetan rugs, Tribal rugs, Oushak rugs, Nepalese rugs, and an extensive selection of Peshawar rugs. Safavieh makes wool rugs that available in many knotting styles and weaves, and range from hand-knotted rugs to hand-tufted rugs. Wilton style rugs, Belgian woven rugs, and power-loomed rugs. Safavieh is the fashion leader in contemporary rugs, designer rugs, and indoor-outdoor rugs. They have partnered with award-winning interior designers and lifestyle experts to further promote the Safavieh brand.

Decorating with rugs has never been easier because of the versatility, distinct styles, and sheer quantity. That Safavieh provides all of their customers. Safavieh antique rugs set the standard for quality and authenticity. Browse their antique rugs and learn the history of rug weaving and admire some of the finest rugs available today. In every category, Safavieh is proud to offer great prices and values on area rugs.

Safavieh Rugs Latest Designs

Whether you prefer traditional rag rugs or contemporary shag rugs. Safavieh’s online Rug store also has a huge selection of just about anything you can think of! They are constantly restocking their inventory. So it is highly recommended that if you are in the market for a Safavieh rug. That you check back frequently for the latest rug designs and collections online.

Safavieh rugs have been incorporated into today’s society that a house without at least one is an oddity. They perform a lot of purposes for people ranging from practical to artistic. And, we just can’t imagine living in a house where you don’t have the comfort and added beauty that Safavieh rugs can provide. This is the reason why we can’t afford to be thoughtless when it comes to choosing Safavieh rugs to place inside our houses. Before we agree to enter our credit card information on websites that sell rugs online or give our plastics to those at checkout counters. Make sure that you know what you’re about to buy first.

Safavieh Rugs Reputation in The Rug Market

Businesses that provide Safavieh rugs to people should be scrutinized. All the good characteristics that a good rug-selling company must possess need to be found evident in the company before buying. To help you point you in the right direction, the following may be helpful:

Safavieh’s reputation is very high and the reputation of a company matters a lot, especially if you want to make sure you don’t end up with area rugs that crash and burn within a few years. The reputation of Safavieh’s area rugs, which are for the most part either traditional rugs or contemporary rugs, is the true measure of the companies’ credibility and business standing. It is the end-product of all the good traits that the company has. Finding these good qualities in the company – where you aim to get your discount area rugs – is going to promise good things. This is especially true when through the test of time, you still have the same old lovely Safavieh rugs – just like how you have bought them. It’s perfect!

Are Safavieh rugs affordable?

The price would set a very useful precedent for all the things that you need to check when you buy area rugs. There is a lot of companies out there that sell many varieties of area rugs at a very affordable price. Some go so amazingly far as offering discount rugs prices. What you just have to be sure about is whether or not you are willing to exert effort into finding them. That would not be too hard especially with the ease of access to the Internet. Also, you can ask people around to point you towards a good rug company where you can get quality Safavieh rugs for sale at best price.

What Do Others Think of Safavieh rugs?

Reading up on what past clients have to say can give you a better idea of what you can expect. As these clients are people who were exactly in the same position as you are now. Their opinions would help you a lot when you need to be sure your Safavieh carpets are going to be a good idea. Also, finding out about people’s take on their own experiences offers a much clearer mental picture of the company and its ability to deliver its products.

Safavieh area rugs are essential to our lives. They have always been around and there are reasons for that. Rugs USA enriches our homes and adds more color to them. So, we have to be sure that we’ll decorate our homes with the right types of Safavieh Rugs.

Contemporary Rugs – Choose the Right Area Rugs for Home Decor!

How to Choose a Best Contemporary Rugs Online for Home Decor

The contemporary rugs can be considered as the perfect complement to any modern living space. However, with the confusing number of choices that are currently available on the market these days. It may turn out to be difficult knowing where you can start looking. A lot of contemporary rugs for sale are characterized by their geometrical shapes and bold colors. While others are also styled in a minimalistic way, with muted tones, creating that drastically unique look.

How to Choose

With all of the various options on contemporary area rugs 8×10 for sale, it can be overwhelming at times. As you browse through some online stores, while looking some catalogs for good inspiration, there are some tips that can help you in making the best choice for your home.

Contemporary Rugs According to Use

When selecting contemporary living room rugs, it is very important to focus on the color, as it is vitally crucial. Contemporary runner rugs give the most popular looks within the home. You can choose bold bright colors. At times, they are used abundantly and dramatically, even sparingly used in little splashes.

If your room or living space already has a lot of colors, you may want to stay away from adding further distracting elements to your mix. If the room is filled decoration-wise then you should install contemporary area rugs there. These may be in a single color, neutral shade or tone. Or you can choose the color according to the color scheme.

Contemporary bathroom rugs can also add beauty to your room. Compared to traditional rugs, they can capture attention with their inherent character and intricate designs, particularly the vintage rugs. On another side, the modern counterparts can easily blend with surroundings.

Amazing Quality of Contemporary Rugs

These days, you can choose a lot of contemporary rugs with several designs, both artistic and abstract. With this, you can opt to use bold colors with some intriguing patterns that can captivate attention, while raising the style factor of any room.

A good size for the rug, whether modern or traditional, should be enough to fit your seating area. Aside from style, this is also perfect for practicality. As such, contemporary rugs 8×10 are a good option. As you sit down in your armchair or sofa. You would want your feet to feel the fabric, instead of going directly to the hard, cold floor. This is basically the level of comfort that contemporary rugs can provide you.

Where to Buy

As we know, there are many Rugs and Carpet stores available online and offline to sale contemporary rugs in the USA. So, if you are searching for best quality contemporary rugs online you should visit only ABC Decorative Rugs – A trusted online home store. Only here you can find the best matching rug to decor your home interior and exterior at best price with free shipping in USA & Canada.

Clearance Rugs: Grab The Amazing Deal at Our Home Store!

Clearance Rugs Online Sale to Make Your Home Improvement in Budget

Every person in the entire world loves to decorate their home. For this, they install decorative items but they always forgot to decor their flooring. Some ignore to make attractive their floors due to lack of money or not found a correct rug ever at a low price. So, here we present an attractive offer for you which will turn your entire home interior from the soul. So, here we are presenting a perfect flooring solution in the form of adorable area rugs to make convert your shelter into a dream home. And if you are thinking about the price of these then we are happy to disclose our surprise that, we put these rugs for sale at a heavy discount. So it is a good chance to make your home interior just like you want. So don’t wait and get your favorite rug on our clearance rugs sale.

What is Under Our Clearance Sale?

We are not offering the only bundle of wool under our clearance rugs sale. But under our clearance sale, you will definitely find your desired rug which will surely match your style and will enhance your living room. Under our clearance area rugs sale, you will get best designer are rugs which are nicely crafted by weaving using best quality wool. And to ensure durability our experienced rug weaved these rugs with their hand. So, here you will get the true handmade rug on which even each design by the following hand knotted technique. If you are searching for a clearance sale then you should visit our online home store. Here we are offering best class designer modern, tribal, Tibetan, Gabbeh, overdyed, transitional, traditional and many other rugs for sale.

Benefits of Our Rug Sale

Their many sales may be running on the many online home store but did you aware of the quality standard of their product. Also, what they are selling, is the rug price is reasonable, etc. There are many lots of things those can turn your deal in worst one. So, why don’t you choose a best quality type rug for flooring like hand knotted and hand tufted rug? So. its time to choose a correct area rug floor at a reasonable price without getting trapped in found deals. So, don’t wait and participate in our mega clearance sale by visiting ABC Decorative Rugs– home store online.

New Years Sale 2018 on Area Rugs!

Were you waiting for ABC Decorative Rugs New Years Sale or After Christmas Sale? It took a while but finally, they are welcoming 2018 with a New Year sale along with After Christmas Sale by giving a huge discount on designer rugs and large area rugs in USA. In Biggest sale, we are offering huge discount on all types of area rugs. We are also offering additional an additional gift which is free shipping. So, don’t wait for anyone.Were you waiting for ABC Decorative Rugs New Years Sale or After Christmas Sale? It took a while but finally, they are welcoming 2018 with a New Year sale along with After Christmas Sale by giving a huge discount on designer area rugs in USA. In Biggest sale, we are offering discount rugs with free shipping on all type area rugs. We are also offering additional an additional gift which is free shipping. So, don’t wait for anyone.ABC Decorative Rugs New Years Sale 2018 is going still running and if you don’t want to that someone steals your decorative designer rugs usa online before your order then the best idea is to visit our home store and order before anyone place.

Features of Our Decorative Rugs

Our Designer rugs are amazingly crafted by making knots by knots. In our rugs and carpet store, you will find 100% handmade. To give you best in durable area rugs we always use best quality materials like wool, natural fiber, cotton, etc. depends on the type of area rugs usa. While crafting these designer rugs, our professional rug weavers made lots of efforts in making every design by weaving. Here you can find your perfect matching designer rugs usa at discount offer price ever under this combo sell. So, don’t wait and get the benefit of After Christmas and New Years Sale with our Welcome Offer 2018. Click on your favorite rug type to view our collection of attractive designer rugs.

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Here below mentioned some most popular area rugs don’t wait.

1. Antique Rugs
2. Transitional Rugs
3. Traditional Rugs
4. Shag Rugs
5. Moroccan Rugs
6. Tibetan Rugs
7. Modern Rugs
8. Tribal Rugs
9. Gabbeh Rugs
10. Runner Rugs
11. Round Rugs
12. Designer Reserve Rugs
13. Solid Rugs
14. Flat Weave Rug
15. Natural Fiber Rugs

How to Avail Offer

If you are interested in making your home attractive by flooring you have to visit our home decor store. After visiting our rug store online you will get many categories and sub categories on home page, click on the desired option. After clicking on category a page will open containing attractive designer handmade rugs click to select your choice. Then fill the form with your complete information like your name, address, contact details etc. after that you have to proceed to make payment. After successful payment for designer rugs usa, we will deliver your designer rug to your home with free shipping in USA.

Overdyed Rugs – Enhance the indoor beauty of your living area!

A carpet is a type of textile which is use as a floor coving. In early days these were made from wool, but in recent years many rug and carpet manufactures started using synthetic materials like polypropylene, nylon or polyester.

These are now not only used as a floor covering but also used as a decorative element for home and offices. These can be in living room, kitchen, side of the bed, kitchen and many more places. Rugs can be categorized under different number of collections. Each collection has its own beauty, history and belongs to different regions of the world. Some of the popular collections are overdyed, Moroccan, kilims, floral, traditional, transitional, shag, contemporary, southwestern, Persian, Tibetan rugs, tufted rugs, round rugs, silk, natural fiber rugs, runner rugs, kids, tribal rugs, ikat rugs, kazak, gabbeh rugs, trellis rug and many more. Out of all these type of collections, today we are going to highlight some special aspects of Overdyed rugs.

Overlaying is an ancient technique; traditionally this technique was performed on old or vintage handwoven carpets. Carpets or rugs which are in use for over long time of period often get faded or lost their natural fresh look. Due to the use of this technique, we can give back or regenerate that original fresh look. After overdyeing, the pattern or design of the old ones gets enhanced for one more time and we can reuse them as they were used earlier.

Using overdyeing technique, we can customize the color of our favorite rug or carpet according to our requirements. Even we can use this technique to give modern look to our old traditional rugs.

It involves the process of bleaching, dying and washing. All these processes must be performed with great care and instructions. Over perform of any of these processes can ruin your rug.

Authentic vintage overdyed rug cost thousands of dollars because; this process requires huge amount of labor work as this technique is totally a manual process. If you are looking for an authentic, good quality, design, pattern and higher-end style, than there is only one place where you can get this and that is ABC Decorative Rugs.

ABC Decorative Rugs is one of the leading online stores for carpet and rugs at Los Gatos, California, United States. They have amazing collections of overdyed rugs. Especially for those who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and looking for a good quality product. Here you can find your desired rugs very easily. So visit United States most trusted leading rug store ABC Decorative Rugs to choose and bring your desired rug and carpet at your home to enhance the inner beauty of your home or office.

TRADITIONAL RUGS: Decorating Your Home Perfectly!

No longer the rugs are considered as an accessory to interior decor. Today they are considered as a necessary part of home to enhance the inner beauty of house. A rug not only adds excitement, color but also adds a sense of warmth to a room. Even room without interior design can also be made exciting by the presence of a good quality traditional rugs.

Beyond everything, enhancing the inner beauty of a room with the presence of a rug is theoretically the easiest way but it is very important that you choose the right kind of rug. In this article we are going to discuss the characteristics of rugs from the Eastern part of the world and how we can use them as an interior decorating item.

Bring in the royal feeling with a traditional Persian carpet. It is now no more secret that Persian carpets are known for their fine embroidery and elaborate pictorial motifs. A large amount of labors is involved in the creation of a quality Persian rug, resulting in a high level of artistic quality and without any doubt, more tufts of yarn per square inch than any other traditional rugs available in the market.

The knitting techniques used to create these memorizing beauties force us to go back thousands of years, that is why if we are looking to maximize the effect which a Persian carpet brings to a room, we must ensure that it is hand woven. There are many rugs in the market which are machine made and using artificial dyes but they can’t give us the same feel which an authentic handmade piece has.

If we go through in details, for creating a typical Persian rug it requires half a dozen artisans, working 6 to 8 hours a day for whole week will hand tying 500 knots per square inch. In other words, these carpets take more than a month and sometimes even more than a year to complete a single rug or carpet, that is why they demand a handsome price in market and last for such a long time.

The wool which is most commonly use in making Persian carpets contains lanolin (or wool fat). Its natural waterproofing and preserving qualities makes a Persian rug much more durable. No machine-made rug can match with that.

These rugs are made in such a manner that it can be used on variety of floor types, but it is said that they really pop up when used on hardwood floors. Persian rugs come with a variety of sizes and can be used in any corner of the house. We can apply them in living room in front of fireplace or in the kitchen or under a dining table or outside in the lobby.

Smaller rugs are used at the side of our bed. It will be a great felling when we wake up in the morning and put our feet on these soft, beautiful carpets which are not less than a work of art.

An alternative other than Persian rugs would be Oriental traditional rugs

When interior designers used the word Oriental rugs they doesn’t mean by using the word in its common form as by Oriental rugs, but it could be referred to anything from Azerbaijani, Indo Islamic, Mughal, Northern Chinese, Tibetan or even Ottoman style of carpet weaving.

Generally, people get confuse between Persian rugs and Oriental rugs as they are same thing, but in reality, it is quite close enough but not hundred percent true. However both Persian rugs and Oriental rugs come from same regions that are belong to ancient Persian Empire.

It’s is just due to its massive popularity and demand; Persian rugs has been categorized as a completely different style altogether. We can say that all Persian rugs might be Oriental but not the vice versa.

If you are not getting any Persian carpets but still want a cozy, ancient feel than you can go for Oriental rugs whish might be the best option. Whether they come from same region, they still have their own distinct characteristics and look.

Other styles of Oriental rugs make the use of natural beauty of wool strands by not dying them at all. Instead they rely on the natural colour of the fabric and for this purpose they use long strands of wool.

To an untrained eye Oriental rugs and Persian rugs might look at once the same, but however there are some differences in the way they use the fabric, the motifs and the countless minor details. Azerbaijani carpets for instance often have frills at the shorter ends.

Irrespective of whether you choose Persian rug or oriental rug, you can always rely on Oriental rugs (including Persian carpets) for the great a sense of style as well as a vibe of cosiness to a room. So, if you are thinking to give ancient or classical touch to your living room or bed room or any corner of the house, you can’t go wrong while choosing the rugs

Which classic rug should I buy?

Whether Oriental or Persian, whichever traditional rug you buy, you will have durable quality and it will be made with detail attention if you buy authentic ones. In such a case, the choice of buying a rug entirely depends on your personal taste.

To start with, you must go through the colour scheme of the room in which you want to use the carpet. You probably have some furniture there, so it is important to make sure that the carpet that you want to buy, goes though the overall scheme of things.

If the wallpaper in a room is of heavy design, then you must make sure that the carpet you buy is visually suitable. If a room comprising of plain solid coloured walls than, you can choose from number of the countless designs that are available today.

If you want to buy a rug to use it as a focal point of the room, then you go for an elaborate motif. If bold geometric designs are your thing then look for the Qashqai traditional rugs from Iran.

All of this might seem confusing at first, especially if you are completely new in the world of rugs but it is important to remember that there are no benchmark or mathematical rules when it comes to buying a rug. It is entirely a matter of finding a traditional rug that attracts you, which fits the overall interior decor scheme of the space where you want to put it in and most importantly, one that fits to your wallet.