Make Your Home Beautiful With Tribal Rug!

The Trend of Tribal Rug and Carpets Online For Home Decor at Low Cost

The process of making a tribal rug is at least 3,000 years old. Today, a tribal print rug is a beautiful accent to any home decor. In the past, a tribal rug was for people who were wealthy and were high ranking. Here are some tips for buying tribal rugs or carpets online.

Buy from a Good Rug Seller

If you are looking to buy tribal area rugs online, you should take the time to research the seller before you purchase the rug. A good tribal rug will lay flat on the floor. The seller should have clear pictures of the tribal rug. If you have any questions about the rug, you should contact the seller and get a clear reply from them.

ABC Decorative Rugs is also an online home store and the best place to buy area rugs at the discounted price with free shipping delivery. The carpet store understands the importance originality among the peoples. That’s why their tribal rugs for sale are designed with original pattern and weaving style.

Color and Pattern

Tribal rugs come in many colors and various patterns. With all the available options, you should have an idea of the colors you want in the pattern, which will make the process of finding the right tribal rug simpler. Most rug selling websites will have a color selection search tool, which allows users to select the colors they are looking for.

Size of the Rug

You also need to know the size of the room and tribal print rug that you need before you order. Since you are shopping online, returns are difficult. You should make sure you double check all measurements before you order, to make sure that you have the right size. Since tribal rugs come in a variety of different sizes with the same print, it can be very easy to confuse the different rugs and order the wrong one.

The Quality of the Rug

The material the rug is made from is one of the ways that you can determine the quality of the rug. A natural fiber jute rug is a great option because the fibers are strong and will last a long time. There are rugs made from man-made fibers, and while they are cheaper, they do not hold up to wear and tear like the natural fiber rugs do.

Buy Rugs Made By Artisans

Rugs made by machines are cheaper, but they also are not made to last. Trained artisans know how to make high-quality rugs. Handmade rugs online can have small defects because they are made by humans. Most of the time, you cannot see the defects unless you look for them.

A natural fiber jute rug with a tribal print can be a great addition to any home decor. There are many options for patterns and colors for a tribal print rug today. A high-quality tribal jute & wool rug or tribal Gabbeh rug will last a long time.

Tribal Rug: Decorate Your Home Beautifully!

All Things About Tribal Rugs for Beautify Your Home

We all know about the importance of Area Rugs. This is not only for the purpose of floor covering that also express your personality, lifestyle and much more. Because a carpet will first express most of the things about you and your style among your guest. So, here we will discuss thousand-year-old traditional Rug making art “Tribal Area Rugs”. The Tribal Rug weaving technique is a gift that is offered by ancestors of nomadic people. That rug making technique is about thousand years old. So, here we will discuss the best things related to Tribal Rug such as its beautiful features, designs, making, where to buy etc.

Best Features of Tribal Rugs

The Tribal Rugs are the most ancient art of Nomadic. The Nomadic peoples are still holding this art by making area rugs in the same way and preserving it as a gift of their ancestors. So, below we are mentioning some exciting features that will definitely excite you:

The Tribal rugs are very durable due to old knotting techniques used.

For coloring this carpet still vegetable dyes are used to give original texture and look.

Because of natural vegetable dyes, their colors will stay for a long time and free of chemicals.

In tribal rugs, the bold shapes or softer geometric designs are used that’s why their designs are unique, beautiful and attractive.

For making an original Tribal Rugs wool, silk, jute and any natural fiber may be used.

To make it durable and good in texture the artisans use hand knotted technique.

Basically, the tribal area rugs are made in a rectangular shape.

Mostly, decorating Tribal area rugs maximum contrast colors are used.

Designs and Patterns

The Tribal art is one of the oldest art in the world. The Tribal rugs are famous due to bold pictures those seem like pilgrimage designs. The specialty of tribal rugs is its colorful patterns. For making unique tribal area rugs the rug makers always believe in using a different type of hand knotting techniques. According to types of pattern and designs, the tribal rugs have different types such as Abadeh, Kazak rugs, Serapi, Yatak and Gabbeh rugs.

Where to Buy

If you want to give your home a unique tribal look then you must try Tribal area rugs. The use of Tribal carpet for home decoration is the best choice for giving your home a trendy look because its colorful pattern and design will fill your home with their colors. If you are planning to buy Tribal area rugs online in the USA then you must visit the ABC Decorative Rugs, the best home decor online shopping store for purchasing best price home decor products. Here you will find best of the best rug collection. Their area rugs are best in durability, designs, colors, etc. Along with all beautiful features of their rugs and services, they will also offer free shipping charge facilities.