Tips To Clean Moroccan Rugs at Home!

Moroccan rugs have been woven by tribal peoples and very thick with heavy piles.
Your Moroccan rug needs to be cleaned. Of course one of the safest ways to get it cleaned is to bring it to a professional carpet cleaner. But this can be very expensive, especially if you have it done regularly. You also will want to be aware of any chemicals they use in the cleaning process as this can strip the natural dyes out of Moroccan rugs and cause a lot of damage.
Useful Tips for Moroccan Rug Cleaning
Step One
The first thing you need to do is get out any excess dirt from your rug. Take it outside and shake or bang it well. Next, lay it down flat near your vacuum. Using the “high” height setting on your vacuum you’ll want to pull up any more dirt, when you do begin to vacuum do so the short width of the rug, not the length of the rug. Go back and forth slowly. You can also use the hand attachment to pull out any dirt on the edges, this can sometimes be more effective. This process can take some time, but the more dirt you can remove before the washing the better!
Step Two
Arrange your rug so that the water can run off. We used a tall ladder to drape the rug over. This allows for dirty water to run off easily and is much easier on the arms. When these rugs are wet they are very heavy! I have washed rugs both with and without a power washer and if you have one, or can borrow one, a power washer is the way to go! We used it to spray the rug starting at the top to the bottom on both sides of the rug. It will take time to soak the rug and you want to make sure it is completely soaked. Spray downwards and trust me, you’ll be shocked at the dirt coming off!
Step Three
You can use the scrub brush to really work out any dark spots. We also used the scrub brush on the back, flat side of the rug to loosen up anything that was stuck. Then keep spraying! If you don’t have a power washer you could use a hose with a spray attachment.
If your rug is really dirty you can use a gentle soap like Dreft to clean it. I would be very cautious using soaps on rugs that were dyed as you can never be completely sure how the color dye will react with the soap of choice. If you have certain spots that are dirty, I would try to spot treat vs, using soap on the entire rug.
Step Four
Once you feel comfortable you’ve removed as much as possible it’s time to dry your rug. If you’re using a ladder like we did, you may want to let some of the excess water run off first. Let it hang for 20-30 minutes to do this. Then you’ll want to squeeze it. Lay the rug out on a table and roll it as tightly as you can. You won’t squeeze out everything but the point is just to get out as much water as possible. This will speed up the drying time. Once this is done, hang it back up in direct sunlight. Your rug will need to dry completely before it’s ready to go back in your home. If it doesn’t, you will know it – wet wool has a very specific smell; imagine a wet dog but worse. Depending on how warm it is, you should leave it to dry 12-24 hours minimum.
You might notice that the rug looks a bit matted after washing. You can use the vacuum again to perk up the pile and make it fluffy.
That’s it!
Cleaning your rug can be time consuming but if your rug isn’t in a high traffic area, you should only need to go through this in depth process once a year. During the rest of the time rely on spot cleaning and regularly shaking out the rug.
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Area Rugs That Will Never Go Out of Style!

Despite the astounding variety of modern rug types available on the market today, people are still looking for traditional antique and vintage creations. Why? The answer is simple – nothing beats the masterful hand-execution, the top-notch materials, and the well thought-out designs. This is the fact. We have discussing some rugs that will never go out of style.
Shaggy Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs
Wonderful! These rugs created by the nomadic tribe wandering through the towering Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Beni Ourain rugs are number one on our list. These marvelous floor coverings have been with the Berbers for ages yet the Western world has heard about them only in the mid-20th century thanks to modern designers. Enchanted by the simple appearance and irresistible, shaggy texture, decorators made Moroccan Rugs (Beni Ourain rugs) the ultimate mid-20th century interior accessory. This fact is hardly surprising.
Who wouldn’t just love to roll on a cushy pile every now and then? Beni Ourains are probably the most versatile of all rugs. They fit perfectly into any arrangement with their black and white minimalistic color palette and delicate, geometric patterns. Moreover, they have a very particular set of skills. A Beni Ourain rug enlivens elegant and toned contemporary styled interiors, it harmonizes colorful eclectic and boho abodes, and also completes the Cali Cool and Coastal looks. In fact, it matches every possible décor, so if you ever have doubts concerning which rug is perfect for your home, simply go with the Beni Ourain.
Flat-Woven Turkish Kilim Rugs
Tribal rugs are the ancestors of all floor coverings existing today. Kilims can definitely be called the creme de la creme of all tribal creations. These flat-woven fabrics bear traditional, time-honored motifs which, together with the rich colors, tell bigger stories captured in the main field and borders of each piece, their unique appearance derivers in equal measure from ancient beliefs and weavers’ need to express themselves by means of looms and threads. A Turkish kilim is an iconic, colorful, geometric rug which always adds character and positive energy to the decor.
It is a perfect solution for all still seeking their own style, or those who want to quickly change the face of their apartment (but don’t exactly know how). Despite their antique designs, kilims look fabulous when paired with contemporary furniture, such as a wire coffee table or a minimalistic sofa. With the aid of original oriental kilims, even ordinary Ikea goods acquire an entirely new dimension. Just as Beni Ourains, Turkish flat-weaves feel great in vintage interiors. However, thanks to their vivid hues, kilims can successfully match a Modern farmhouse or rustic décor.
Antique Persian Rugs
Antique Rugs – One Rug to rule them all, One Rug to find them, One Rug to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Wow, that sounded dramatic, didn’t it? We are of course jokingly referring to a classic Persian rug which is the absolute king of all rugs. The territory of the present day Iran was not only home to one of the greatest empires but also to the most advanced and prolific rugs and carpet industries the world has ever seen. It was there, magnificent Kashan, Tabriz or Heriz rugs were produced with the application of the complicated, asymmetric knot – Senneh – allowing skilled artisans to create the most dazzling and palatial patterns.
A genuine Persian rug always exhibits timeless chic and ultimate class – it constitutes a value in itself. Thus, it is advisable to expose it rather than try to fuse it with the rest of the decor. Persian rugs look phenomenal in elegant, minimalistic interiors where simple forms and subdued colors are the ideal setting for the opulent and highly meticulous designs. All materials in the house must be of considerable quality to match the five-star appearance of a Persian rug. A leather couch, a wooden floor or a copper lamp will help to maintain the luxurious feel in the room. According to the latest trends, a Persian rug is also perfect in the kitchen, a minimalistic one, of course.
Swedish Vintage Rugs
Vintage Rugs – Swedish design is considered iconic and timeless, and carpets from the north are no exception here. Thanks to incredibly talented, Scandinavian rugs became practically the most sough-after floor coverings in the world. The golden age of vintage swedish rugs dates back to the 1950s when Modernism blossomed and Scandinavian decorators were shaping the face of international interior design.
Swedish rugs are like the philosophy that inspired them: affordable, aesthetic and toned, without unnecessary pomp but still expressive due to being animated by geometric patterns that add to their modernity. They are a “must have” in a Mid-Century Modern arrangement but perfectly go together with a wide variety of lighter styles, including Scandinavian, Contemporary or Vintage.
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Shag Rugs: Available in Multiple Colors and Patterns!

What do you think of when you see the words, shag rugs? If the first thing that crosses, your mind is a floor covering with psychedelic shades from the 1960s that would be perfectly understandable. In fact, shag rugs offer a number of decorating options for modern home makers.

This type of rug is distinctive due to the length of its fibres. This style of rug has long pile, which can add bulk to the finished product. When a shag area rug in a single color is placed on a floor, its texture gives a luxurious finish to the space it occupies.

A shag rug encourages anyone who sees it to reach out and touch its surface. Walking on the rug’s surface is a very comfortable experience, especially in bare feet. The sensation of sinking down into the rug is one that feels very luxurious, no matter where the rug is located in the home.

When you are thinking of a rug for your home, look at the other colors in the space for inspiration. If you want to find something that complements the other design elements without adding a new shade, consider a color that is very similar to the bare floor. The shag rug will add some texture without introducing any more colours to the room.

Shag area rugs are also available in a number of shades to suit just about any decorating scheme. If you want to add a brightly colored rug to your floor to draw the eye down to that part of the room, choosing one that can add some texture will make an even bigger impact. Twilight rugs are an excellent example of this.

Would you choose a neutral or earth tone for your shag rug? Do you want to bring the colors of nature indoors with a blue, green, or yellow hue? Alternatively, do you want to go for all out drama with a black, purple or red rug? All of these options are available to you. All you need to do is decide whether a solid color will work well in your space.

If you want to add more than one color to the room, consider a shag rug with a pattern. You can find one that features a geometric or abstract design in a longer pile. Floral patterns are also available, and this choice can add a splash of colour to a room that you are furnishing in a casual style. The colors of the flowers can serve to bring together your main and accent colors in an attractive manner.

If you want to add interest to a room, consider buying a shag rug. Depending on the color and pattern of the floor covering, it can add an element of luxury to the room or be very comfortable and inviting. Or you can choose striking sparkle shag rugs. Adding a shag area rug to a space is an easy way to change the atmosphere of any room in your home, and you do not have to resort to the wild colors of the 1960s to do it.

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Modern Rugs: Create A Cohesive Look in Your Home!

Some people look at choosing a rug for the house as a science while others think it’s more of an art. The good news for all is that there are plenty of modern rugs in multitude of designs for everyone to sift through and choose a few pieces that they think will complete the interior decor of their beautiful house.
While traditional rugs, especially from the eastern part of the world, have been in vogue for a long time, they do not appeal to everyone’s fantasy. Nothing wrong with that, to each their own and for such people, who are perhaps looking for something out of the ordinary, the answer is modern rugs.
Then there are also those folk who like to combine traditional and modern rugs to piece together a room. For instance, a lot of interior decorators use modern rugs to embellish a piece of furniture or a certain area of the room. A room might have a classic, traditional rug imported from the Middle East as the center around which the design of the room revolves and yet have room for a few modern rugs, that put slight design accents that really bring it all together.
What are modern rugs?
It is a term that can encompass a wide variety of styles and designs that are often referred to as contemporary rugs as well. Think minimal floral patterns, stripes, abstract shapes and spirals. I am sure you have come across a modern rug at some point or other in your life, as their use is very common today.
Owing to their unique patterns and colors, modern rugs are often use to provide contrast, to protect floors from wear and tear and most of all to provide a cushion for your feet, especially on cold hardwood floors and tiled flooring.
While the main purpose behind a traditional rug is decorative, a modern rug can have its practical uses as well. For instance, you probably won’t put an expensive traditional carpet in an area of the house that sees heavy foot traffic, while a modern rug could easily be thrown in there.
What is a contemporary rug made of?
A modern rug can be made up of many different fabrics, or a combination of multiple fabrics but for the sake of this guide, we will look at four particular materials- wool, cotton, natural fiber and synthetic rugs.
Wool carpets
Apart from being soft and rather visually attractive, wool rugs are surprisingly durable. They are strong enough that you can place them under heavy furniture or even place them in areas that see considerable amount of foot traffic. At the same time, these rugs are fire resistant and handle stains and spills very efficiently.
They do however need adequate vacuuming and while the natural oil that resides in wool acts as a stain resistant, you still need to blot out a spill as soon as it happens. Most of the time, you can get out stains by washing it with water or by using a water based cleaner. Wool rugs do however shed over time in which case you need to clip out the loose ends (never pull on them).
Natural fiber rugs
If wool rugs are out of your budget than natural fiber rugs are you next best bet as they can still provide a natural look in a moderate budget. These are usually made from natural elements like jute, sea grass or a custom mixture of grasses and plants and are hand woven or made with a loom.
Natural fiber rugs are not really as durable as wool so placing them in an area where you and your family walk a lot is not recommended. They also retain moisture rather easily; so using this in a bathroom would probably be a bad idea. So if you spill a liquid on them, make sure that you blot it out quickly. They can easily be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner but over the long term, dry cleaning them is a better idea.
Cotton rugs
Cotton rugs are rather common and to an extent, have even become the norm when it comes to modern rugs. If you like rich, vibrant colors then cotton rugs are your best bet as they hold colors really well. At the same time they are soft as well as durable.
You can place them pretty much anywhere you want and when it comes time to clean them up, you just need to throw them into the washing machine. These rugs are a good idea if your house is full of young (and probably destructive) children. Modern rugs made of cotton are cheaper than wool or natural fiber and are pretty much an all purpose choice.
Synthetic materials
Rugs made from synthetic materials are perfect for those who are on a tight budget and want a rug that is strong and is going to last for a long time. Because these rugs are made using machines, they do not have the tender softness of wool rugs but that does not mean that they are harsh on the feet either. They are soft in their own way.
Such rugs are usually made using polypropylene, polyester, nylon or acrylic and while they are pretty durable, there is not much attention to detail here. Yet they do an adequate job of holding the colors together. As they are made using machines, they come in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Cleaning them is a breeze too and you can pretty much hose them up and hang them out to air dry.
Choosing a rug for your home
As we always recommend to new buyers, always trust your eyes when you are about to make a choice on which rug to buy. You want a rug that is visually appealing, a rug that you’d like to see on the floor of your house day in day out. At the same time, you want a rug that goes along with the overall scheme of things.
For instance, a gorgeous bright red rug, with intricate details in a room made up of pastel colors is not going to work and will appear garish to the eye. A little bit of common sense and an eye for detail is all that you need for buying the next perfect carpet for your house. To get you started we will discuss some common designs.
Floral carpets
Flowers on carpets are the perennial favorite design but when it comes to modern rugs, the floral designs are much more contemporary when compared to carpets from Asia. Even among these modern designs, there is plenty of variety- so much that you can use floral carpets pretty much anywhere from the living room, to the bedroom to even your kid’s bedroom.
If you chose a floral carpet wisely, you can’t go wrong with it. For example, combine floral rugs with fabric patterns that follow a similar motif and have the color of the carpet match or contrast the wall color and you instantly have a subtle, contemporary look that will hold its appeal for a long time.
Striped rugs
Striped designs make for great area rugs and while at a glance they might seem to be rather simple, they do a great job of being the focal point of a room that is already chockfull of well detailed items.
A rug with big stripes for instance can be used as a throw rug or a wall hanging and by making it coordinate with another linear element in the room, you can create a rather pleasing effect.
You can use a striped rug in the living room by matching it with a similar pattern on the sofa cushions. E.g. black and white striped carpet to go with black and white striped cushion covers. If you don’t want cohesive décor then you can simply let a striped rug stand out on its own and let it contrast with everything else in the room. In essence, a striped rug is versatile and will pretty much go along in a variety of settings.
Plain rugs
You don’t always need rugs with designs or patterns on them to make a room pop. Often, a room is already so busy that a serene sense of style that only a plain rug can bring about is almost a necessity. A plain rug can, in such a case be used to complement or contrast the colors that are already present in a room.
If a single color plain rug is too bland for you then you can look at tone on tone rugs which combine similar shades of a color (or similar complementary shades) together to give a stylish and yet, a very toned down look. We have a great selection of plane rugs in our online shop so make sure to browse and get in touch if you need any help.
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Persian Rugs: Unique in its style!

Persian rugs have a rich history and it has always been known as a luxurious decorative item. In ancient times, kings and queens adored oriental tapestry and today the status of the Persian rug is no less than it was. At ABC Decorative Rugs we stock a wide selection of beautiful Persian rugs that has been woven to perfection. We have a passion for the artwork that is portrayed on these rugs and we make it possible for our customers to add one of our magnificent pieces to their homes at an affordable price. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a Persian rug from us.
They never go out of style
As we have said previously, Persian rugs are always in style and it remains a classic in the carpet industry. The same designs that hang on the walls of your home are the same designs that christened palaces and castles years before. The patterns remain true to Persian culture and you will never find another like it anywhere in the world. Not only does it remain a fashion trend forever, but no rug is alike. Each one is unique in its style and shows exquisite beauty.
They last forever
Take it from us: Persian rugs last a lifetime. They can withstand even the toughest conditions and the rug will still look immaculate. Some of the oldest rugs are oriental and have been cherished by numerous institutions across the globe. Many of these rugs become tradition in the houses of our clients because they are woven to the highest quality. This because they are handcrafted by expert rug weavers and this makes it easy for families to pass it down from one generation to the next.
They support artists
The weaving of Persian rugs is seen as an art form and what better way is there to expose artists from overseas? Many Persian rugs are woven by members from small communities and by purchasing one you are helping them in creating employment opportunities.
They are a good investment
What people fail to realise is that Persian rugs are not only meant for decorative purposes, but that they are in fact a financial investment. Many people all over the world collect Persian rugs and sell it for a huge amount of money after a few years. notes that once a Persian rug reaches any age between 30 to 70 years, its value will increase significantly. Once it hits 100 years it could qualify for antique status. If you should ever choose to sell it, you could be in a high position of bargaining when it comes to deciding on a price.
They are environmentally friendly
Unlike rugs that are mass produced by synthetic methods, Persian rugs are made by using natural products. The natural dyes and natural materials that they use don’t release any toxins at all. They are also not as flammable as ordinary machine-made rugs.

These rugs are adorable. They can completely transform the atmosphere of the room. A quality Persian rug can usually be over your budget, however considering the charm and durability I think it is worth to buy one!

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Gabbeh Rugs: The Striking Designs & Colors!

Gabbeh rugs are woven by nomadic tribal weavers who live in the Zagros mountain range. Originally these rugs were woven by the tribal’s for their personal use, to protect them from the bitter winters that were prevalent in the region. The striking designs and fabulous colors of these rugs soon made them popular amongst home-owners and rug collectors all over the world.

Facts About Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh rugs are mostly woven by the women of the tribe. These weavers used their personal experiences, thoughts and feelings to inspire their unique creations for these rugs.

The looms that the weavers use are the horizontal variety. These looms are more basic but they can be quickly and easily folded up and packed when it was time for the tribe to move to a new location.

Gabbeh rugs are all natural. The wool that is used to construct these rugs is obtained by shearing their own sheep and the dyes used in the rugs are extracted from parts of plants that are native to the region such as walnut husk, indigo, madder root and pomegranate skin. There are no synthetic elements used in the construction of these rugs.

Distinctive Features

Gabbeh rugs are quite easy to recognize because of a few distinctive features. These rugs typically have a very dense pile. A Gabbeh rug with a pile thickness of up to ¾ inches is not uncommon at all. These rugs have a knot count of about 40 to 60 kpi, which is very low compared to most other oriental rug varieties.

Weavers generally created simple geometric motifs with bold colors across the rug. These motifs were placed at random across the rug. If you are being sold a Gabbeh that has a symmetric design, you need to double check. You will rarely see a Gabbeh rug with the motifs symmetrically placed. Most designs related a story or represented some tribal folklore.

Persian Gabbeh Rug Categories

Persian Gabbeh Rugs are broadly divided into 5 categories:

Basic Gabbeh – These rugs have a very low knot count and a dense pile. The design is generally very basic, with simple, boldly colored geometric shapes or tribal drawings placed on large open fields.

Kashkoli Gabbeh – The Kashkoli rugs have a shorter, softer pile and a higher knot count as compared to the basic Gabbeh. However, they stay true to the simple, brightly colored geometrical shapes.

Luribaft Gabbeh – These rugs have a soft, relatively short pile and a unique sheen from their tight, fine weave and high quality wool. The designs are more detailed and sophisticated as compared to most other Gabbeh categories.

Gabbeh Sumak – Gabbeh Sumak are flat woven rugs. They do not have any pile. The weavers weave the colorful designs into the foundation of the rug, which makes them quite different from all other Gabbehs.

Amalehbaft Gabbeh – These rugs are characterized by their medium weave, shorter pile and very colorful but basic, simple patterns.

When you own a Gabbeh from any one of these categories, you know you own a one-of-a-kind, all-natural rug of tribal beauty.

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ABC Decorative Rugs: Rug & Carpet Installation!


ABC Decorative Rugs at Los Gatos in California, USA, offers professional rug & carpet installation to residents of the San Francisco bay area. The service we offer is done by the best professional craftsman of the trade and we guarantee all our work. ABC Decorative Rugs at Los Gatos in California, USA, offers professional rug & carpet installation to residents of the San Francisco bay area. The service we offer is done by the best professional craftsman of the trade and we guarantee all our work.
Our rug installation team of professionals will install your rug properly inside of your home. There are many different steps our guys take to best suit you.
1. Our guys make sure your rug is positioned correctly and where you want it to go (Rugs are placed according to the right direction of the nap. Best fit is based on light reflection and surroundings).

2. Remove all wrinkles out of your rug and ensure that your rug is completely flat.

3. Make sure the traffic pattern doesn’t affect the durability and maintenance requirement of the rug.

4. And distinguish the dark and light side of your rug.
Rugs are very soft and heavy. Our experts will take care of placing your rugs anywhere you want, and will move anything that is in the way.
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