Persian Rugs For Sale Today!

The ABC Decorative Rugs known for attractive designer area rugs online. And we decided to put Persian rugs for sale under the Holiday sale. Also today we are going to discuss our best type Area Rug “Persian Rugs“. These Rugs are known for the attractive designs and these are mostly used in giving royal look to the living room. But our rugs known for some additional features as described in below points.The ABC Decorative Rugs known for attractive designer area rugs online. And we decided to put Persian rugs for sale under the Holiday sale. Also today we are going to discuss our best type Area Rug “Persian Rugs“. These Rugs are known for the attractive designs and these are mostly used in giving royal look to the living room. But our rugs known for some additional features as described in below points.

1. Crafted by experienced oriental weavers rug to give you original and good quality antique Persian Rugs.

2. Full of Oriental designs to give your living room a Royal traditional look.

3. Our all oriental Persian area rugs are 100% handmade and prepared by using Hand Knotted Technique.

4. Highly durable because of dense weaving.

5. To give you real non-lasting color we used natural vegetable dyes to color yarn.

6. On our every, you can feel all the designs underfoot when your feet will touch the soft piles surface of the design while walking on our Persian area rugs.

7. Required low maintenance.

8. Having good pile height.

9. Available in many shapes and size according to installation such as round, rectangular, runners, etc.

10. Before making any Persian Style Rugs we always examine the yarn quality to give you best class Persian rugs in California, USA.

Benefits of Persian Rugs

If you planning to renovate your home by giving Royal Traditional look then installation of Persian area rugs will be perfect. These are may be machine made, hand knotted and tufted and if you want a quality product then you can choose hand knotted or tufted.
Due to their weaving type, these types of rugs are very durable. And their traditional, oriental designs are made to fill your home with the beauty of art and make your home more attractive. These can be available in many shapes according to its installation like Regular rectangular for the living room; runners for stairs, narrow rooms, entrance and round rugs for the main hall. We also put these all shapes oriental area rugs in our Persian rugs for sale collection. And we are sure that their shiny yarn and rich design will definitely brighten your home.

Benefits of Our Holiday sale

In our holiday sale, we added many attractive, best in design, 100% handmade Persian rugs for sale. Along with these area rugs, any other are also added like tribal, Moroccan, modern, transitional, kilims, shag rugs for sale. In making your home more beautiful in the budget we are also giving flat discount up on all type rugs. And you can avail this discount on any type of area rug we put for sale by visiting our ABC Decorative Rugs- Online Rug Store. So that is the best time to grab this decor your home.


Large Area Rugs – The Perfect Choice!

A good quality rug can do wonders for any room of your beautiful home. It can add warmth and comfort to the surrounding environment where it is placed. It can inspire the color pattern of any space. It can set a mood or a style. However, the first and foremost thing which we should keep in our mind before selecting the perfect rug is to determine the best shape and size for the room.

Always consider the shape of your area or space before choosing the shape of your area rug. Every corner of the house does not need the same type of size or shape rug. Every space has its own specific requirements. Large area rugs can change the style of your room.

Dining Room

Make sure that the rug which you are going to place under dining table must be at least 2 feet wider than the table on all sides. The extra 2 feet should be in such a way that, you should be able to pull out all of the chairs and have the chair legs remain on the rug. When choosing a rug shape, take an idea from the shape of your room; for instance, round area rugs goes good with round dining table.

Living Room

Rugs should be large enough so that at least the front legs of all major pieces of furniture are placed on top of the rug. When a large area rug is used on a wooden or tile floor in place of wall-to-wall carpeting, keep margin 5 to 18 inches of bare floor around the rug. Most living room designs and patterns feel natural when defined by a square or rectangular large area rug.


while choosing rugs for bedroom, the rug should be at least 2 to 3 feet large enough on each side so that your feet land on the rug when you’re getting out of bed. The rug should not go completely under the beds.

After deciding the perfect size, shape and style, one should keep in mind the proper maintenance and storage steps which are involved in large area rugs. First of all go through the guidelines provided by your rug manufacturer for specific cleaning and maintenance.

Regular vacuuming rug is an essential step in order to keep your rug clean and strong. Dirt particles in the rug fibers behave as abrasives that can even break down the rug over long time. These preventive measures not only protect your rug but also can ease the discomfort of people with different types of allergies. Rotating your rug after every specific time period will help you in protecting your large area rug against uneven wear from foot traffic and furniture weight. You must use rug pads especially for large area rugs. In order to prevent rugs from slipping, the best quality rug pad will extend the life of your rug and protect your floors. Rug pads also provide extra cushion to your rug, prevent uneven wear and helps in dampening of sound.

ABC Decorative Rug is one of the famous home decor stores at Los Gatos in San Francisco, USA. They have huge collection of quality area rugs. Their area rugs are generally categorized on the bases of their size that is small area rugs, large area rugs, and extra large area rug. On the eve of New Year they are running large area rug sale in which you can get your rugs at very cheap prices.

Designer Handmade Rugs for Sale!

Our Online Home Store, ABC Decorative Rugs is popular for the most trusted services and products. Here you can see the perfect blend of Art designs and colors. It seems like, the sole of Art gets merge in rugs in the form of colorful attractive designs. Our Experienced Rugs viewer weaved these area rugs in such a way that you can feel each design by touching with your soft feet.

To keep maintain our trust on our customers we always believe in serving best quality products made of quality materials. To make them very durable we used best quality silk, wool, cotton, polypropylene, jute, etc. So, if you want to make our rugs as a part of your family then this is a good time because we offer our best class handmade rugs for sale online at Our Rugs Store USA.

Designer Rugs for Sale

In Modern Era, the decoration according to the trending style is very important. Because the decoration style shows almost all the things about you like your thinking, way of living, etc. To make your home beautiful and up to date, we are offering some attractive designer rugs those are ready to fill your home with its beauty. Our Designer area rugs are crafted with Beautiful and unique abstract designs, filled with soft shiny soft piles, etc. To ensure the durability of our rugs, viewers weaved these handmade designer rugs by making knots by knots. Also, we used most durable materials to craft. So, if you are searching for Handmade Designer Rugs for Sale You Can Visit our best collection of Area Rugs Online.

Handmade Moroccan Rugs Sale

The Moroccan Rug is the famous type of rug. These types of rugs are known for its best features such as durable, tribal designers and pattern, etc. These rugs are generally handmade which is prepared by Dense Hand weaving and creating tribal designs on it. This rug can be installed in any type of living room whether it is decorated in modern or traditional style. It’s able to blend in any type of decoration. To make it soft, shiny, fluffy and best in durability we use best quality materials like wool, cotton, jute, etc. We are also a Premier Online Rugs Store and we are offering Handmade Moroccan Rugs for sale. Here you can find Beautiful Tribal, Traditional, and Modern Style Moroccan rugs for your living room online at best price.

Decorative Modern Rugs

As people like modern lifestyle or the things related to it we also brought you some for your home decoration effective. So, here we are proudly going to present some attractive modern rugs. Our rugs are amazingly crafted by experienced and skilled rug weavers.

To make these rugs more unique and attractive we decorated these with unique modern abstract designs to give your home a perfect modern look. So, if you are searching for handmade modern rugs for sale then you have a great chance, because we are offering any type of decorative modern handmade rugs for sale online at our online rug store. Here you can find many types of rugs such as traditional, transitional, tribal, Tibetan, silk, sari silk, opera, gabbeh, runners, round, solid, sheep skin and many more including above. To avail this offer you have to quickly respond and have to Visit our online rug and carpet stores ABC Decorative Rugs in San Francisco, California (USA).

New Years Sale 2018 on Area Rugs!

Were you waiting for ABC Decorative Rugs New Years Sale or After Christmas Sale? It took a while but finally, they are welcoming 2018 with a New Year sale along with After Christmas Sale by giving a huge discount on designer rugs and large area rugs in USA. In Biggest sale, we are offering huge discount on all types of area rugs. We are also offering additional an additional gift which is free shipping. So, don’t wait for anyone.Were you waiting for ABC Decorative Rugs New Years Sale or After Christmas Sale? It took a while but finally, they are welcoming 2018 with a New Year sale along with After Christmas Sale by giving a huge discount on designer area rugs in USA. In Biggest sale, we are offering discount rugs with free shipping on all type area rugs. We are also offering additional an additional gift which is free shipping. So, don’t wait for anyone.ABC Decorative Rugs New Years Sale 2018 is going still running and if you don’t want to that someone steals your decorative designer rugs usa online before your order then the best idea is to visit our home store and order before anyone place.

Features of Our Decorative Rugs

Our Designer rugs are amazingly crafted by making knots by knots. In our rugs and carpet store, you will find 100% handmade. To give you best in durable area rugs we always use best quality materials like wool, natural fiber, cotton, etc. depends on the type of area rugs usa. While crafting these designer rugs, our professional rug weavers made lots of efforts in making every design by weaving. Here you can find your perfect matching designer rugs usa at discount offer price ever under this combo sell. So, don’t wait and get the benefit of After Christmas and New Years Sale with our Welcome Offer 2018. Click on your favorite rug type to view our collection of attractive designer rugs.

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Here below mentioned some most popular area rugs don’t wait.

1. Antique Rugs
2. Transitional Rugs
3. Traditional Rugs
4. Shag Rugs
5. Moroccan Rugs
6. Tibetan Rugs
7. Modern Rugs
8. Tribal Rugs
9. Gabbeh Rugs
10. Runner Rugs
11. Round Rugs
12. Designer Reserve Rugs
13. Solid Rugs
14. Flat Weave Rug
15. Natural Fiber Rugs

How to Avail Offer

If you are interested in making your home attractive by flooring you have to visit our home decor store. After visiting our rug store online you will get many categories and sub categories on home page, click on the desired option. After clicking on category a page will open containing attractive designer handmade rugs click to select your choice. Then fill the form with your complete information like your name, address, contact details etc. after that you have to proceed to make payment. After successful payment for designer rugs usa, we will deliver your designer rug to your home with free shipping in USA.

Mega Discount On Clearance Rugs!

New Year is almost here and everyone is busy in shopping, celebration and home decoration. We have discussing about those who are looking for the rug and carpet but have very limited budget, they may find their relief on the rug clearance sale. You do not have to put your money on a substandard rug that will easily get damaged in a short period of time. You need to be aware that there are lots of possible sources that can give you stylish yet inexpensive rugs in USA, like modern rugs, traditional rugs, transitional rugs, Moroccan rugs, shag rugs, silk rugs, sari silk rugs, kazak rugs, overdyed rugs, gabbeh rugs, clearance rugs and many more. In this article, we will cover some tips that will help you get your rug at a more affordable price.

Tips for Buying Clearance Rug

Rugs are not just limited in defining the room; they can also minimize the wearing and tearing on your house surface. It can also be used to minimize the cleaning of your surface. Since it is now considered a necessary household item, it is relatively easy to find area rugs clearance that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Buying clearance rug is a great alternative for having a cost-effective rug on your home.

Watch for the Sales

Finding the affordable outdoor rug clearance will be fairly simple especially if you know where to find them. To help you find them easily, you need to sign-up for the newsletters of the rug manufacturers. These manufacturers will often notify their customers about the impending rug clearance through their newsletter way ahead of time. You can also receive sales coupons and alert on promos through their newsletter. You may also find a clearance sale during New Years sales and deals.

Plan Before Buying

Since most of the 12×12 rug clearance will virtually run out minutes after the sales were announced, you need to prepare ahead of time about the kind of rugs that you will need. Make sure you already have an idea about the size, scheme, colors and shape of the area rug. By the time that the rug clearance sale will be announced, you will be able to avoid impulsive buying on the type of rugs that looks stunning but doesn’t really suit your space.

It is Inexpensive, But It Doesn’t Mean that It Have To Be Less Stylish

Though clearance rug are known to be inexpensive, they can still be a powerful and stylish item inside your house. They will be able to provide the aesthetic appeal at a much cheaper price. In case you want it to look high-end, you may combine the outdoor rug clearance to wool to create something chic and luxurious. You can also take advantage on the door busters and liquidations when finding stylish yet affordable rugs.

Finally, you should also consider the materials when shopping on an outdoor rug sale clearance. Those that are crafted using the organic materials will be less expensive. Try to find something with a natural fiber to get your money’s worth.

Shopping Rugs

If you are looking to buy area rugs in USA, then visit only most trusted and popular rug stores, such as Rugs USA, Wayfair, Rug Vista, Rugs Direct, ABC Decorative Rugs, Rugsville and many more. You can find the best quality discount area rugs with free shipping.

Round Rugs – Decorate Your Home Beautifully!

When people hear the word rug or carpet, people generally think of the rectangular or square shape rug. Majority of interior decoration involves the presence of that typical rectangular or square shape rug. In fact for many of us, a rug is not a real rug until it has four corners and if you look the majority of the rugs which are available in the market whether it is handmade or machine made or synthetic, they all are usually in rectangular or squares form.

At first by looking round rugs it seems much trickier to place as compare to usual square or rectangular shape rugs. If you see the round area rugs for the first time, you will fall in love with its pattern and design but will get confuse where to place them. After all, most of the rooms or halls have four corners. That is why rectangular or square rugs are so popular in the US market.

There is verity of round rugs available in the market out of which the most popular round rugs are round shag rug, round jute rug and round outdoor rugs. When you are going to buy round area rugs, you should keep some important points in your mind. Just make sure that the rug which you are going to buy is of best quality that will last for generations. Make sure that it should not cost you more than what it deserves. Always try to buy rugs from the companies which offer good customer service. That company should also have huge collection of round rugs so that you have wide range of options to pick your best suited round area rug.

Even though they have very unusual shape, they can be fitted in any room with some extra ideas and inspiration. Round rugs can be placed in the space between bed and bedroom furniture. Round shag rug will be the perfect choice for the bedroom as it will give the same soft feel as your cushions and bed do. Most of us use round jute rugs in their bathroom. This give adds a touch of elegance to the room. It makes your bathroom look both classy and modern. These days many people have modern home with eat-in kitchens and open floor area. Placing a round rug in that open area will make your dinning space look more beautiful and moreover if you are going to place Round rugs under round dining table than it will definitely draw people’s attention towards the table. Make sure that when you are going to buy round rug for your dinning space than it must be large enough to cover your whole dining table along with chairs.

If you are planning to buy round rugs then visit only most popular and trusted rug store in USA. ABC Decorative Rugs is one of the popular rug stores in Los Gatos, California. So visit the rug store and find the wide selection of area rugs and carpets with discount offers and free shipping.

Things to Know About Moroccan Rugs!

The trend of Moroccan rugs for Home Decor a new trend is taking a new shape, I am talking about Moroccan rugs and this rug is everywhere these days. Many people don’t know about the beautiful things about Moroccan rugs such as its origin, manufacturing, advantages, and care. In the entire world, the Moroccan area rugs are famous for its design, features, durability, etc. The Moroccan Rugs are may be very thick like a blanket which can insulate you from cold freezing wind or it can be very thin like your bed sheet. So, here we will discuss all the things related with Moroccan Rugs like its origin, manufacturing, and care, where to buy.
Origin of Moroccan Rugs
The word Moroccan originated from Morocco. The Morocco is known as the Kingdom of Morocco. It is sovereign country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The tradition of Moroccan rug making is very old in the world. According to the rug makers in Morocco, the quality or a rug depends on the quality of wool and the quality of wool depends on the breed of sheep and they follow this rule and it is a reason of popularity of Moroccan Rug. If we consider on the design of the Moroccan rugs, it seems like roots on a large solid background.
Manufacturing of Moroccan Rugs
First of all good quality wool needed to make it and this wool extracted out from good breed sheep.
This wool now washed and applied a shining agent, dyes to make it shiny and give color.
After that, the washed wool left for dry.
Then, wool sent for making threads.
After that, the rug weaving process initiated.
For making Moroccan Rugs two weaving technique used flat weave and hand knotted.
After that, rugs will be sent for the finishing process where loose or unusual threads are extracted out.
How to Care
The care of Moroccan rug is not so tough task. These rugs made with tight weaving technique that’s why these care of these rugs is easy. But some points must be considered for taking care of it such as: Keep away from flame
Regular cleaning of Moroccan rug is necessary. So, keep vacuuming it daily.
Keep away from stains, if anything spilled on it, immediately wash it.
While washing, do not rinse too much, so its thread damage.
Don’t try to pick a Moroccan Rug from the loose portions.
Where to Buy Moroccan Rugs Online
If you are planning or going to buy a Moroccan Rug in United State then visit only ABC Decorative Rugs, a most trust-able rug and carpet stores. The understands the importance of originality among the peoples, that’s why their Moroccan carpets are designed with original pattern and weaving style. So, if you want good quality Moroccan Rug then you must visit there once.