New Years Sale 2018 on Area Rugs!

Were you waiting for ABC Decorative Rugs New Years Sale or After Christmas Sale? It took a while but finally, they are welcoming 2018 with a New Year sale along with After Christmas Sale by giving a huge discount on designer rugs and large area rugs in USA. In Biggest sale, we are offering huge discount on all types of area rugs. We are also offering additional an additional gift which is free shipping. So, don’t wait for anyone.Were you waiting for ABC Decorative Rugs New Years Sale or After Christmas Sale? It took a while but finally, they are welcoming 2018 with a New Year sale along with After Christmas Sale by giving a huge discount on designer area rugs in USA. In Biggest sale, we are offering discount rugs with free shipping on all type area rugs. We are also offering additional an additional gift which is free shipping. So, don’t wait for anyone.ABC Decorative Rugs New Years Sale 2018 is going still running and if you don’t want to that someone steals your decorative designer rugs usa online before your order then the best idea is to visit our home store and order before anyone place.

Features of Our Decorative Rugs

Our Designer rugs are amazingly crafted by making knots by knots. In our rugs and carpet store, you will find 100% handmade. To give you best in durable area rugs we always use best quality materials like wool, natural fiber, cotton, etc. depends on the type of area rugs usa. While crafting these designer rugs, our professional rug weavers made lots of efforts in making every design by weaving. Here you can find your perfect matching designer rugs usa at discount offer price ever under this combo sell. So, don’t wait and get the benefit of After Christmas and New Years Sale with our Welcome Offer 2018. Click on your favorite rug type to view our collection of attractive designer rugs.

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Here below mentioned some most popular area rugs don’t wait.

1. Antique Rugs
2. Transitional Rugs
3. Traditional Rugs
4. Shag Rugs
5. Moroccan Rugs
6. Tibetan Rugs
7. Modern Rugs
8. Tribal Rugs
9. Gabbeh Rugs
10. Runner Rugs
11. Round Rugs
12. Designer Reserve Rugs
13. Solid Rugs
14. Flat Weave Rug
15. Natural Fiber Rugs

How to Avail Offer

If you are interested in making your home attractive by flooring you have to visit our home decor store. After visiting our rug store online you will get many categories and sub categories on home page, click on the desired option. After clicking on category a page will open containing attractive designer handmade rugs click to select your choice. Then fill the form with your complete information like your name, address, contact details etc. after that you have to proceed to make payment. After successful payment for designer rugs usa, we will deliver your designer rug to your home with free shipping in USA.

Mega Discount On Clearance Rugs!

New Year is almost here and everyone is busy in shopping, celebration and home decoration. We have discussing about those who are looking for the rug and carpet but have very limited budget, they may find their relief on the rug clearance sale. You do not have to put your money on a substandard rug that will easily get damaged in a short period of time. You need to be aware that there are lots of possible sources that can give you stylish yet inexpensive rugs in USA, like modern rugs, traditional rugs, transitional rugs, Moroccan rugs, shag rugs, silk rugs, sari silk rugs, kazak rugs, overdyed rugs, gabbeh rugs, clearance rugs and many more. In this article, we will cover some tips that will help you get your rug at a more affordable price.

Tips for Buying Clearance Rug

Rugs are not just limited in defining the room; they can also minimize the wearing and tearing on your house surface. It can also be used to minimize the cleaning of your surface. Since it is now considered a necessary household item, it is relatively easy to find area rugs clearance that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Buying clearance rug is a great alternative for having a cost-effective rug on your home.

Watch for the Sales

Finding the affordable outdoor rug clearance will be fairly simple especially if you know where to find them. To help you find them easily, you need to sign-up for the newsletters of the rug manufacturers. These manufacturers will often notify their customers about the impending rug clearance through their newsletter way ahead of time. You can also receive sales coupons and alert on promos through their newsletter. You may also find a clearance sale during New Years sales and deals.

Plan Before Buying

Since most of the 12×12 rug clearance will virtually run out minutes after the sales were announced, you need to prepare ahead of time about the kind of rugs that you will need. Make sure you already have an idea about the size, scheme, colors and shape of the area rug. By the time that the rug clearance sale will be announced, you will be able to avoid impulsive buying on the type of rugs that looks stunning but doesn’t really suit your space.

It is Inexpensive, But It Doesn’t Mean that It Have To Be Less Stylish

Though clearance rug are known to be inexpensive, they can still be a powerful and stylish item inside your house. They will be able to provide the aesthetic appeal at a much cheaper price. In case you want it to look high-end, you may combine the outdoor rug clearance to wool to create something chic and luxurious. You can also take advantage on the door busters and liquidations when finding stylish yet affordable rugs.

Finally, you should also consider the materials when shopping on an outdoor rug sale clearance. Those that are crafted using the organic materials will be less expensive. Try to find something with a natural fiber to get your money’s worth.

Shopping Rugs

If you are looking to buy area rugs in USA, then visit only most trusted and popular rug stores, such as Rugs USA, Wayfair, Rug Vista, Rugs Direct, ABC Decorative Rugs, Rugsville and many more. You can find the best quality discount area rugs with free shipping.

Round Rugs – Decorate Your Home Beautifully!

When people hear the word rug or carpet, people generally think of the rectangular or square shape rug. Majority of interior decoration involves the presence of that typical rectangular or square shape rug. In fact for many of us, a rug is not a real rug until it has four corners and if you look the majority of the rugs which are available in the market whether it is handmade or machine made or synthetic, they all are usually in rectangular or squares form.

At first by looking round rugs it seems much trickier to place as compare to usual square or rectangular shape rugs. If you see the round area rugs for the first time, you will fall in love with its pattern and design but will get confuse where to place them. After all, most of the rooms or halls have four corners. That is why rectangular or square rugs are so popular in the US market.

There is verity of round rugs available in the market out of which the most popular round rugs are round shag rug, round jute rug and round outdoor rugs. When you are going to buy round area rugs, you should keep some important points in your mind. Just make sure that the rug which you are going to buy is of best quality that will last for generations. Make sure that it should not cost you more than what it deserves. Always try to buy rugs from the companies which offer good customer service. That company should also have huge collection of round rugs so that you have wide range of options to pick your best suited round area rug.

Even though they have very unusual shape, they can be fitted in any room with some extra ideas and inspiration. Round rugs can be placed in the space between bed and bedroom furniture. Round shag rug will be the perfect choice for the bedroom as it will give the same soft feel as your cushions and bed do. Most of us use round jute rugs in their bathroom. This give adds a touch of elegance to the room. It makes your bathroom look both classy and modern. These days many people have modern home with eat-in kitchens and open floor area. Placing a round rug in that open area will make your dinning space look more beautiful and moreover if you are going to place Round rugs under round dining table than it will definitely draw people’s attention towards the table. Make sure that when you are going to buy round rug for your dinning space than it must be large enough to cover your whole dining table along with chairs.

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Things to Know About Moroccan Rugs!

The trend of Moroccan rugs for Home Decor a new trend is taking a new shape, I am talking about Moroccan rugs and this rug is everywhere these days. Many people don’t know about the beautiful things about Moroccan rugs such as its origin, manufacturing, advantages, and care. In the entire world, the Moroccan area rugs are famous for its design, features, durability, etc. The Moroccan Rugs are may be very thick like a blanket which can insulate you from cold freezing wind or it can be very thin like your bed sheet. So, here we will discuss all the things related with Moroccan Rugs like its origin, manufacturing, and care, where to buy.
Origin of Moroccan Rugs
The word Moroccan originated from Morocco. The Morocco is known as the Kingdom of Morocco. It is sovereign country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The tradition of Moroccan rug making is very old in the world. According to the rug makers in Morocco, the quality or a rug depends on the quality of wool and the quality of wool depends on the breed of sheep and they follow this rule and it is a reason of popularity of Moroccan Rug. If we consider on the design of the Moroccan rugs, it seems like roots on a large solid background.
Manufacturing of Moroccan Rugs
First of all good quality wool needed to make it and this wool extracted out from good breed sheep.
This wool now washed and applied a shining agent, dyes to make it shiny and give color.
After that, the washed wool left for dry.
Then, wool sent for making threads.
After that, the rug weaving process initiated.
For making Moroccan Rugs two weaving technique used flat weave and hand knotted.
After that, rugs will be sent for the finishing process where loose or unusual threads are extracted out.
How to Care
The care of Moroccan rug is not so tough task. These rugs made with tight weaving technique that’s why these care of these rugs is easy. But some points must be considered for taking care of it such as: Keep away from flame
Regular cleaning of Moroccan rug is necessary. So, keep vacuuming it daily.
Keep away from stains, if anything spilled on it, immediately wash it.
While washing, do not rinse too much, so its thread damage.
Don’t try to pick a Moroccan Rug from the loose portions.
Where to Buy Moroccan Rugs Online
If you are planning or going to buy a Moroccan Rug in United State then visit only ABC Decorative Rugs, a most trust-able rug and carpet stores. The understands the importance of originality among the peoples, that’s why their Moroccan carpets are designed with original pattern and weaving style. So, if you want good quality Moroccan Rug then you must visit there once.


Rug Cleaning: How to Clean a Silk Rug!

A silk rug adds on a unique beauty to the interior of the any house or office. Due to the unique fibers of silk rugs, silk rug cleaning requires a unique approach than ordinary cotton or wool rugs. Most of the silk area rugs are manufactured in western part of Asian countries. The silk fibers are obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm. Silk fibers are very strong and resilient. Silk rugs can be stretched butt will easily return to its original size quickly because of very high elasticity of the silk fibers.
Due to these unique features of silk fibers, silk rugs are very smooth and light in weight but are quite delicate and must be handle with care. The material of these rugs can easily get stained and it should always be placed in low traffic areas as there is an always a high risk of color fading involve with high traffic areas. Frequent walking can also damage the embroidery of silk rugs. Abrasive cleaning can also damage a silk rug, so proper care must be taken before choosing any type of rug cleaning methods.

Keeping a silk rug clean

Placing a silk rug in low traffic area is the best way to keep it clean for long time. Some silk rug owners hang their silk rug on the wall as a decorative piece of art rather than placing them on the floor.
To remove any kind of dirt and dust that may have settle down on the rug, with the help of ordinary broom or vacuum, it can be gently swept. A very light and soft touch should be used while broom the rug in order to avoid any damage to the rug fibers. And if the rug is vacuumed, than in this case only brushless suction of vacuum head should be used.

Removing Strains

Any accidental spills must be attained very fast and quickly otherwise it will get settle down immediately and will become very impossible to remove them permanently. In case of solid rug, it should be scooped up with spoon and discarded, while performing these care must be taken to not to scrape the rug material itself. Any extreme type of scraping or sharp friction can permanently tear off or damage the silk rug fibers. A liquid spill as well as any liquid remained after solid spill must be remove with the wet soft cloth as soon as possible otherwise it may fade the color of the silk rug fibers.

Avoid heat and chemicals

Any kind of heat sources, whether it is from hair dryer or sunlight, should never be used directly on the silk rug. No doubt that heat will help rug to dry quickly, but it can also permanently damage or shrink the rug. In the same way the water or solution used to clean the liquid spill should be cool or lukewarm otherwise it will fade the color or may lead to other types of damages to the rugs.

An overall cleaning

After some time of use, it becomes necessary for a rug to receive an overall cleaning. Because the silk rug cannot receive any sunlight or heat directly, we cannot use any ordinary shampoo. First of all, after gentle sweeping of loose dust, we can gently rub entire silk rug with soft cloth dipped in cool or lukewarm solution.

Professional rug cleaning

It would be good idea to hire professional cleaners to clean your silk rugs as any professional cleaners will perform their actions with great care and would be able to clean your silk rug safely and effectively.
So if you need professional rug cleaning service then visit ABC Decorative Rugs, a leading rug cleaning service provider in USA.

Shag Rug Cleaning Service in San Francisco!

Shag rugs are almost unique piece of floor decor due to its long and luxurious piles which gives them a classy and signature look, touch and feel. Their long and luxurious piles make a very strong appeal to a person to walk on bare feet on these rugs. But due to its shaggy fibers, shag rugs are little bit difficult to clean as compare to other rugs. Different types of area rugs required different types of cleaning strategies and products. This article will help you in how to clean a shag rug.

There are many methods to clean a shaggy rug, but we are here going to discuss some of the few most common methods which are widely used.


To clean your rug, this is one of the easiest and oldest methods in the world. Take your rug outside your house, hold tightly at the two corners of the rug and powerfully shake to loosen the dirt and dust out of the rug. If your rug is two heavy than you can hang your rung from one side and start hitting it with a broom handle or a solid stick. This will make dirt and dust fly out of the rug. After flying off dirt and dust you can give your rug a chance to absorb some rays under the sunlight to kill bacteria and mites. But remember do not over expose your rug under sunlight as it can fade the color of your shaggy rug permanently.


Vacuuming a shaggy rug required some extra precautions as there is always a chance that extra long pile of shag rugs can get stuck in the vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming always adjust the height of your vacuum to little bit high and turn off the beater bar. If your rug placed in high traffic area than you can vacuum your rug twice a month properly. You can vacuum underside of the rug as well to clean your rug thoroughly.

Spot clean

When accidentally some spills occur, spot cleaning is the most appropriate and easiest way to clean the spoiled area without treating the whole shag rug. This method will be well effective only when acted fast on spills before they settle deep down in the fibers of the rug. If spills occur, immediately bloat the affected area with wet warm towel or cloth. Do not rub as rubbing can make spills to settle down, try to rub gently in up and down motion. After bloating that area apply some carpet cleaning solution on that to get away some bad smell out of the rugs.


If the spill is over the large area of the carpet which is difficult to remove by spot cleaning method, than we can wash our rug with shampoo. Use only recommended type of shampoo or brand for your rug. Make shampoo solution with hot water as it will easily remove dirt and dust. Do not overuse the solution as it might damage your rug. After shampoo wash don’t forget to air dry your rug outside under the sunlight to avoid any mildew.

Professional rug cleaning

It is one of the safest and most effective ways of cleaning shag rugs. Cleaning a rug at home is always a risky job as there is always a chance that rug might get damage. Professionals perform their activity with high care and precautions. Even if you clean your rug yourself than also there is a need of professional cleaning at least after every 4 months, its depends on whether your rug is in high or low traffic area.

ABC Decorative Rugs is one of the leading rugs cleaning service provider, such as antique rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, shag rug cleaning, silk rug cleaning, standard area rug cleaning and many more at best price in San Francisco bay area, California (USA).

Flat Weave Rugs: Area Rug For Every Home!

A rug and carpet which is typically used as a floor covering textile consist of an upper layer of pile attached to backing. In past, these piles were made from wool, but, from the beginning of 20th century, artificial or synthetic fibers like polypropylene, nylon or polyester are widely used, as all these fibers are less expensive than wool.

These piles generally contain twisted tufts which are treated under heat to maintain their structure. The term “carpet” is often used as synonym of term “rug”, although the carpet is used on floors that cover the entire area of the house, whereas a rug is generally smaller than carpet in length and is used for limited space.

Carpets can be used in many ways, for example, it behaves like an insulator for person’s feet from a cold tile or floor, makes the area more comfortable as people can seat on the floor especially for children who can play comfortably on floor, it also reduces the sound of walking and adds an elegant color to the surroundings. By using different dyed fibers, carpets can be made in any color combinations.

These days most of the productions of the rugs are done through machines. But still there is some proportion of rug productions which are still done through hand made. Hand made production of rugs are done in many ways, like woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted, flat weave, hooked rug and many more.

Today we are going to highlight some important features of flat weave rug. A flat weave rug is made by interlocking vertical threads which are also known as warp and horizontal threads which are also known as weft. Generally the warps are made from a sturdy fiber like linen, raw silk, cotton or wool, whereas the wefts are the fibers which form the pattern and can be made from any type of fiber. Flat Weave Rugs also have its types which include kilim, plain weave, soumak and tapestry weave. Flat weave rugs are generally less expensive as compare to hand knotted rugs of the same size. The color and pattern on both the sides of the rug are same, making the rug either side usable. They have less weight than other carpets of same size, making it comfortable for a single person to move from on place to other place. Moreover, they fold up to a small size for easy storage when not in use.

By their very nature, flatweave rugs evoke an earthy and rustic ambience in the home. Creating a sensory experience and promoting open space, flatweave rugs marry perfectly with both traditional and modern themes.

So, if you planning to buy area rugs online in USA then visit only trusted and leading rug and carpet stores such as ABC Decorative Rugs, Rugs USA, Wayfair, Rugs Direct, etc.

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